well then…

i fucked up. not in a terrible way or anything, i just haven’t gotten the hang of wordpress yet. to my fellow writers and photographers of Renegade Ink, my bad. i created a second blog and username and everything…i’m kinda lost, haha.

i suppose that while i’m writing this post, i may as well offer a brief profile of myself.

Name: Roland. i can’t say i have any (appropriate) nicknames like Reid does…so i suppose Roland should suffice.

Occupation: i work in a restaurant, which is kind of stressful, but ehhhh. i otherwise spend my time playing video games, playing a guitar and being highly critical of things that really don’t need to be critiqued. oh right, did i mention that i’m a student?

Likes: music, video games, movies, football, basketball, dogs…this could go on forever.

Dislikes: Michael Reid, stupidity, people that think that they’re above others and Michael Reid.

Hobbies: see Occupation.

Cheesecake: yes.

What You Can Expect From Me: nothing, really. half the time, i feel like writing about the things that are eating away at me, but that’s often personal. i’d rather not flood this joint venture with things that don’t matter. instead, i’ll probably be throwing up posts about current events (political and celebrity news alike), music/movie reviews, the NFL/NBA and Shay Mitchell.

i’ve nothing insightful to say unless you see it that way. i don’t have an awesome quote to throw up either. my colleagues are all very capable, from what i know. i hope that you readers enjoy everything that we all put up. let’s get this thing started. ;D


One thought on “well then…

  1. No worries, I struggled for awhile with this too. What you do is, accept the invitation and right below the username and password input box it should say register so you register for an account..under whatever username it is that you choose and it’ll redirect you to the Renegade Dashboard when you’ve completed signing up for a username. Make sure you sign up for a username only, and not a blog. That’s pretty much it, from then on whenever you log on all you have to do is log in with your username and password to get redirected to the dashboard and whatever you post, will get published under your username so everyone knows it’s you! 🙂 hope this helps, you’ll probably have to delete your account first and repost this…good luck! – R

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