this isn’t my style, but…

why is it that people always search to find a way back to the past? i’d be lying if i said that i’m not like that. still, it makes me wonder. sure, the past is comforting and what we all thought was secure, but the world goes on. sadly, i feel like i’m the guy that really is stuck living in what used to be. but is it really your fault if your past always comes looking for you?

furthermore, i’d like to know why people hate so blindly. i’d like to know why some people never get a fair shake at anything. why is it that people are always looking for a reason to hate? i’m not trying to be a philosopher of any sort, but it’s something worth looking into if you have the time.

i’d like to destroy my Rogers box. it’s the biggest piece of shit right now. we just had it replaced and now this new one is being a douche too. I JUST WANNA WATCH SOME FOOTBALL, OKAY? stupid box…always rebooting itself. -_-‘


2 thoughts on “this isn’t my style, but…

  1. The past is always less worse or better than we make it out to be. If we only knew how many memories we’ve rewritten…
    People are blindly hating you? This is no time for philosophy! BREAK OUT THE M16.

    • LOLOL @ “This is no time for philosophy! BREAK OUT THE M16”

      I think sometimes we give the past too much credit because its comforting and secure, also because we are no past it and we survived. I think we find solace in that…however I do believe thinking too much into the past makes the worries of our present look more grim than it actually is. I’d be lying if I said I’m not guilty of looking back as well, but if I could go back and do it over…I probably wouldn’t.

      as for hating…I’m one that could hold a grudge and hate for a long time, but I dont look for a reason to hate – usually people just give me one. I guess that’s different…..LOL

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