NFL Week 11 – Recaps

There’s still one more game to be played, so I’ll add that to the end of this list after tomorrow. For those of you that don’t know or enjoy football, feel free to ask me about it! Maybe I’ll even write a brief (well, as brief as one can be about football…) piece explaining the basics. (:

– Roland

Denver Broncos – 17, New York Jets – 13

I was watching this game on Thursday night right before work. Let me tell you, it wasn’t that entertaining. Willis McGahee was coming into the game marked questionable on the injury report. Of course, he played the game and was not very productive. This wasn’t because of his hamstring injury, the Jets just denied the Broncos any chance of running the ball (aside from the last touchdown Tim Tebow was able to punch in). Lance Ball filled in nicely since McGahee wasn’t up to speed, but he was unable to generate any big plays for the Broncos on the ground. This definitely did not please some people, especially me. I own both McGahee and Ball in two of my fantasy leagues and their respective performances didn’t do me any good. šŸ˜¦

Shonn Greene went down with a rib injury, so Joe McKnight took over the running duties for the Gang Green. He hauled in 121 combined yards with 59 of them coming from the ground.Ā The Jets were able to keep the Broncos at bay for most of the game, but it seems that Tim Tebow really does have some sort of magic connected to him. The man clearly has trouble passing, yet he is a starting QB in the NFL. Weird how some things work out…

Baltimore Ravens – 31,Ā CincinnatiĀ Bengals – 24

Looks like the Ravens are back to their old tricks…just playing inconsistent football. Then again, this latest win goes against their usual ways. They have consistently performed inconsistently. Hey, how about that? Anyway, they constantly perform well against teams that are considered elite, yet underperform (a word I think is stupid and should not exist because you either perform or you don’t) against teams that are considered to be at the middle or teams that are at the bottom of the NFL.

There was nothing too spectacular about this game other than Ray Rice and Ray Lewis. Rice ran for 104 yards and rumbled for two touchdowns. Damn straight. Ray Rice is one hell of a running back and it boggles me that the Ravens would ever move away from him. The only other big news in this game was that the Ravens, for the first time since 2007, were without middle linebacker Ray Lewis. He’s currently nursing an injury (sorry, I can’t remember what exactly it is right now…). He’ll be back. Count on it.

Cleveland Browns – 14, Jacksonville Jaguars – 10

I’d be lying if I said that I paid close attention to this game. The Browns held on for dear life in the fourth quarter to grab the win in this one. The Jags’ rookie quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, led a march towards the red zone, but it proved to be too little, too late. Chris Ogbonnaya is doing a decent job at the starting RB position for the Browns. Montario Hardesty and Peyton Hillis were both inactive for today’s game. Ogbonnaya was able to rush for 115 yards and a touchdown. Colt McCoy, who is always under heavy criticism, handled himself well today. He threw for 218 yards, no interceptions and only took two sacks. Just thought that was worth noting.

Detroit Lions – 49, Carolina Panthers – 35

This game was a shootout. Just by looking at the score (and if you have any basic knowledge about the NFL and football as a whole), you’d know that Matthew Stafford is back. Despite having a fractured finger in his throwing hand, he exploded for 335 yards and five touchdowns. Surprisingly, none of the touchdowns were thrown to Megatron (Calvin Johnson). Johnson had a relatively quiet night by his standards, only hauling in 89 yards. What was surprising was the effectiveness of Kevin Smith, who carried the ball 16 times for 140 yards (scoring two touchdowns) and caught four passes for 61 yards and a touchdown. Yes, he had three touchdowns on the night. Impressive.

Cam Newton was his usual self tonight. He threw for 280 yards (with one touchdown) and rushed for another pair of scores. He was even able to convert at the goal line for two extra points. Unfortunately, he also threw four interceptions.

Green Bay Packers – 35, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 26

The Packers are now 10-0. What’s new here? Well, I can say that the Bucs actually gave the Packers a fight at Lambeau Field. Wide receiver Jordy Nelson was all over the Bucs defense today. The man pulled in six passes for 123 yards and two touchdowns. He isn’t Greg Jennings, but Nelson deserves recognition as an elite WR. Aaron Rodgers was up to his usual tricks, other than one interception (299 passing yards, three touchdowns, one INT).

The Bucs played from behind, as usual. They didn’t show any signs of life (as usual) until the third quarter. Josh Freeman showed flashes of his 2010 self, throwing for 342 yards and two touchdowns. Unfortunately, he also threw two interceptions. The one thing that I’m wondering is if anybody will be able to take down the Packers this year. They just keep winning…

Miami Dolphins – 35, Buffalo Bills – 8

Whoa, hang on a second. The Dolphins have won their third straight game andĀ the Bills have lost five of their last seven? That stings for me. The Bills showed promise early in the season. Recently, they’ve proven that they can only go as far as Ryan Fitzpatrick goes. As for the Dolphins, I suppose that the implosion that went down earlier this season (they went a horrid 0-7) finally brought them to their senses. Reggie Bush is finally showing signs of life, scoring a touchdown on the ground. He only picked up 34 yards on the ground though. Matt Moore threw for 160 yards and three touchdowns.

Fitzpatrick had a tough game, unable to score a single touchdown. He threw for 209 yards and two interceptions. Fred Jackson and Stevie Johnson were complete non-factors in the game. Jackson only rushed for 17 yards while Johnson only gained 16 yards in the air. Simply put, the Bills need to get their stuff together.

Oakland Raiders – 27, Minnesota Vikings – 21

Oh, this game was a heartbreaker for me. My dad has always been a Raiders fan. He’s got this old Raiders crewneck that he still loves to wear, haha. Naturally, I liked the Raiders as well while I was growing up. Nowadays, the Vikings are my team. It’s painful to see them go from a powerhouse to a lowly team, but it happens. Anyway…

The Vikings lost running back Adrian Peterson in the first quarter to an ankle injury. This, in my mind, coupled with the fact that Minnesota’s offense is non-existent, obliterated their chances at winning the game. Their rookie QB, Christian Ponder, manage to prove me wrong by scoring a couple of TD’s but it was too little, too late.

Carson Palmer had a solid game with 164 passing yards and two touchdowns (one passing, one rushing). Michael Bush proved once again that he is a very capable runner. He started in place of Darren McFadden (who has been out for the last two weeks with what is either a foot contusion or a broken foot) and was able to rumble for 109 yards and a touchdown.

Dallas Cowboys – 27, Washington Redskins – 24 (OVERTIME)

This game was pretty entertaining. I was expecting the Cowboys to cruise through this one, but the Racial Slurs were able to stick it to those ol’ Cowboys.

Sidebar: I think it’s about time that Washington’s ownership group changes the team name. It’s fairly offensive to the Aboriginal people and although I understand that the team has been around for years, maybe they could accept a name that’s a bit more fitting…how about Washington Warriors? Same concept minus the racism. šŸ˜‰

Tony Romo was impressive, throwing for 292 yards and three touchdowns. DeMarco Murray continued his strong play as the new starting RB over Felix Jones. Murray had a total of 105 yards (73 rushing, 32 receiving), but no scores on the night. Jason Witten had 85 yards and a score on the night. Also worth mentioning: Witten is now third on the all-time TE (tight end) receptions list with 751 yards. Quite a feat.

San Francisco 49ers – 23, Arizona Cardinals – 7

Don’t look now, but the 49ers are 9-1. Yes, you read that right. 9-1. Coming off of a game where he posted 40 yards with a touchdown on six carries, Kendall Hunter saw his number of carries go down again. He only had 42 total yards today (27 rushing, 15 receiving) and could not find the end zone. This is all because Frank Gore was able to return to the starting line-up. He carried the ball 24 times for 88 yards, but no scores.

Beanie Wells saw some action today, but it’s clear that his injury is still bothering him. He rushed for only 33 yards and fumbled. Arizona is still having quarterback issues since Kevin Kolb was marked inactive for the game. John Skelton got the start, but posted only 99 passing yards and threw three interceptions. Larry Fitzgerald recorded 41 yards and a touchdown.

Seattle Seahawks – 24, St. Louis Rams – 7

There isn’t much to say about this game. The Seahawks were able to score 24 unanswered points after the Rams scored the first touchdown of the game. Marshawn Lynch was able to run for 88 yards and a touchdown. Sidney Rice looked alive, catching three balls for 35 yards and a score. He also threw one pass for 55 yards. Maybe he shouldn’t have left the Vikings…

Atlanta Falcons – 23, Tennessee Titans – 17

Nothing much to say here either. Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck both played QB for the Titans today. They threw for a combined 264 yards. CJ2K went back to being CJ no K…he carried the ball 12 times for 13 yards. Nate Washington stole the show. He caught nine balls for 115 yards and two touchdowns.

Matt Ryan threw pretty well for the Falcons. He was able to post 316 passing yards and threw for a touchdown. Michael Turner rushed for 100 yards, a touchdown and had one fumble. Roddy White was Roddy White, catching seven balls for 147 yards.

Chicago Bears – 31, San Diego Chargers – 20

Let me just say this: Philip Rivers, you’re great. I think you’re a great quarterback, but what is happening? Although it didn’t seem like he was having a bad game, Rivers threw for 280 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. The man is not himself. And I don’t think that the Chargers’ free-fall can be completely blamed on him. The talent surrounding him could use some upgrading…

Jay Cutler is looking better with each week that passes. He threw for 286 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Matt Forte seemed to be kept in check, only rushing for 57 yards and collecting a few balls for 26 yards.

Philadelphia Eagles – 17, New York Giants – 10

Oh, this game was a heartbreaker for me too. I’ve come to like the Giants more and more, especially with the games they’ve been having this season. I hated them in 2008 when they beat the Patriots with a pair of wild catches by David Tyree and Plaxico Buress. But I can’t argue with what they’ve been able to do this season, even with the multitude of injuries that their team has absorbed.

The game was relatively quiet until both teams were able to score in the second quarter. With Michael Vick ruled out for the game, Vince Young got the start for the Eagles. He was able to throw for 258 yards and two touchdowns. He also threw three interceptions. LeSean McCoy was able to rush for 113 yards, but failed to reach the end zone. DeSean Jackson was effective catching six passes for 88 yards.

Eli Manning ran a no-huddle offense pretty smoothly in this game. He threw for 264 yards and a touchdown but also recorded an interception and a terrible lost fumble late in the fourth quarter. Victor Cruz has again shown that he is somebody that defenses should defend with much more focus and intensity. He was able to haul in six balls (on ten targets) for 128 yards and a touchdown. In the fourth quarter, Manning was able to throw deep from Giants territory across mid-field to Cruz for a huge 47-yard gain. Unfortunately, Manning tried to escape some pressure on the ensuing play and fumbled the ball. It was picked up by Jason Babin and the game was sealed at that point.

As far as I could tell, the Giants had a lot of trouble offensively. Brandon Jacobs was only able to rush for 21 yards, even with his huge 6″4, 264-pound frame. Their offensive line also had serious pocket protection issues. Without a doubt, the Giants will be looking to make a comeback because the rest of their schedule is not kind.


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