November 26th, 2006

It’s been nearly six years and I still count the days down to both November 26th and April 22nd. Isn’t that weird?

November 24th, 2006

Although we spent a few months getting to know each other, spending countless hours talking to each other on the phone (calling and texting) and hanging out, November 24th, 2006 marked the first day of the conference. She wrote me letters. Almost one for every day. We sat side by side during the introductions of the chairs and roll call of each country. By pure luck, I was assigned Libya and you were assigned Liberia. We spent that whole night cuddled next to one another, just a pair of two young kids in love (if you wanna call it that). I sang a song into your ear and had my arm around your waist as if somebody was going to steal you. I never wanted to let go of you. You pulled off that bashful smile of yours each time I looked at you. I miss that.

And so, the night ended. I went to meet my brother and his friend because that was my ride home. She said that she would miss me and couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I got in the truck and before I could even put my seat belt on, my phone buzzed.

Don’t you worry about the distance. I’m right there if you get lonely. 🙂

I’m sure that I replied with a song lyric or something. Anything to make you happy.

November 25th, 2006

And so began the next day. I woke up to a text from her again.

Good morning! I hope to see you soon even though we’re not in the same committees or conference rooms! I’ll see you during break! 🙂

She always seemed to end her text messages with a smiley face. I was groggy as hell, but I managed to get myself into the shower and all spiffy for the first day of debating. I got on the bus with my brother and rode for what felt like hours. The amount of traffic on Sheppard Avenue can be ridiculous sometimes. Anyhow, I got to my committee room and sat down. I believe I was in the LAS (League of Arab States). Of course, many of the issues debated were about oil and whether or not to retaliate to civil wars and the war on terrorism itself. I sat in there and spent a lot of my time tearing down Saudi Arabia and UAE (United Arab Emirates) due to their policies regarding oil hoarding and things of the like. I also spent a lot of time sending pages (little notes that should be used to obtain information from fellow countries or your fellow debate mates but are most commonly used to flirt with people and make lunch plans) to her. We played little games through our page carrier and corrected each others grammar. I remember laughing quietly like an idiot sometimes.

This is why I’m gonna ask this girl to be my girlfriend.

The first break was whatever. We grabbed some juice and doughnuts together. I was introduced to a few of her friends and was crazy awkward about it, haha. Next thing I knew…

Security, bar the doors. The committee is moving to a vote on this resolution. Pages, stop paging. All those in favour of the changes that have been applied to this resolution, raise your placards now. Now all those opposed to these changes, please raise your placards. Does anybody wish to abstain from voting? The changes on this resolution pass with a vote of 20 to 10. Are there any other motions on the floor at this time? I recognize the delegate from Libya.

Miss Chair, I move that the League breaks for lunch.

Delegate, I agree with your motion. Does anybody in the League feel that we should debate about this topic or take a vote? No? Have a good lunch. The League of Arab States has now broken for recess and will reconvene at 1PM to further discuss the remaining resolutions.

I tried to make my way upstairs as quickly as possible, I swear. The delegate representing the UAE decided to stop me and have a debate with me in the hallway. Sorry that I tore your resolution down, but further raising the price of oil will only send the world’s economy to shit (little did I know, that was actually going to happen in the real world in a few years’ time). We went out for lunch with a few other friends. While walking up Sheppard towards the little strip mall on the right, her heel got caught in a ventilation grate. I can honestly say that it was hilarious to watch her struggle and scream for my help. Of course, I went over there to help her get her heel out while trying not to damage it.

The day ended, but she raised an interesting observation:

You do know that once this whole conference is over, we won’t really be able to hang as much, right? I mean, I don’t have any prep sessions for this anymore…I won’t have any excuses to stick around after school anymore. I can’t just lie to my parents and say that I’m always at a club meeting or a CSUNA meeting. What do we do then?

Truthfully, I didn’t know. It kinda sent me into a panic…or it had just pushed my plan into motion earlier than I wanted.

November 26th, 2006

Good morning, sleepyhead! See you on break! I have something for you…I just don’t think that I’ll give it to you until after the conference!

Something for me? Well…what the hell is it? Whatever. I got up, showered and dressed up nicely for my last day at the conference. The resolutions we debated that day in the LAS became jokes. We debated about the use of nuclear weapons and whether or not to invade Russia and both the DPRK (Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea) and the ROK (Republic of Korea) to acquire their nuclear weapons. We were planning to end the United States once and for all, haha.

The LAS broke and again, I went upstairs. This time, the UAE and a few other delegates were far more friendly than yesterday. I guess we had all kind of gained a new respect for one another since we all demonstrated that we were capable debaters. Again, she and I grabbed doughnuts and juice together. Made plans for lunch and went back to our respective committees.

I sat down and a page carrier immediately delivered me a new page.

Dear delegate of Libya,

I would like to compliment you on your attire today.

ight we be able to vote ahead to my resolution?

I think that it is a far more pertinent issue.

o, what do you say?

end me a page soon with your response.

ou are strongly recommended to do so.

therwise, I might have to declare war upon you.

nder the charter of the GA, I am able to do so.

With love,

Delegate of Liberia

P.S. This was the only way I could get my message across because if I had written it, the page carrier would never have delivered it! Plus, we basically used up all the money on my last phone card! So we can’t even text each other! 😦 Time to wait until the end of the month for my mom to buy a new one…

That’s it. If I’m not gonna be able to see this girl around as often, now is as good a time as any.

Fast-forward to lunch. The end of my second official CSUNA conference. We went out for lunch and our friends were jokingly poking at us.

So, you guys are totally together. Stop pretending you aren’t!

Come on, just tell us! Are you guys dating or what?

We thought it was pretty funny to leave everybody in the dark, Chuckled quietly and treated it all like an inside joke. We returned to the conference centre and watched the closing ceremonies. Awards were handed out and everybody had a good laugh at the skits performed by the best delegates. Just like the opening ceremonies, we sat together. Kinda like a reunion that had been long in the making. My arm was secured tightly around your waist again.

Thank you for making CSUNA a success again! We’ll see you all again next year!

Everybody started moving out and we kinda moved towards the stairs, but didn’t dare begin walking down the steps. Instead, we moved to the right and hung out by the main floor overlooking the foyer. Surprisingly, none of my friends or her friends came over to bother us (I would later learn that they were all huddled up in a corner observing us, haha). She looked straight at me, smiled her bashful smile and gave me a hug. She handed me a letter and told me to read it. I, planning this moment for a while, handed her a letter of my own.

What are we now? I mean, I won’t be able to stick around after school anymore…I don’t know if I’ll even be able to come around and watch your basketball games and practices. I can’t just lie to my parents about where I am because they worry way too much. So, what are we now? Are we still two acquaintances with a whole lot of things in common? Well, you know what I mean…that wasn’t word for word what you called us, but I tried! Tell me, what are we going to do?

I breathed in and decided to just go for it.

Come on man, you’ve been working for a few months to get to this point. She’s gonna say yes anyhow. But what if she doesn’t? What if she wants to take more time to get to know one another? I mean, we haven’t kissed yet. Is that good? Is that bad? Shit, come on. Come on. Come on. Ahhhhhhh, fuck it…here goes nothing.

I intentionally looked out toward the sun that was shining through the glass. It was orange now because it was late in the afternoon. I didn’t have the balls to look her in the eye because I was afraid of failing. I took her in my right arm as I had done during both opening and closing ceremonies and said:

Well…(full name here), would you like to be my girlfriend? Because I would love to be your boyfriend.

She smiled her bashful smile and said;

Roland (middle names here) de Vega, would you like to be my boyfriend? Because I would love to be your girlfriend.

I don’t know how to feel about her sometimes. That’s the truth. After the last few months, I feel like I’m not over it. The odd thing is that I know that I don’t want her in a romantic way, y’know? It’s weird. That’s how our relationship started. Who would’ve ever thought that it would end in the several ways that it did? Who would’ve thought that we would be where we are now? Why did it all end up that way?

I am one to complain about it. I’ve complained about her and what went down between us time and time again. Why? Because – simply put and while trying not to sound like a pussy all at the same time – I miss what we had. I never got the chance to be a real boyfriend to her. But more on that later. There’s a vast difference between what we had and what I have now. I count the days down for no real reason. Maybe it’s just a tradition I started for myself just so I can relive the memories every time. Every November 26th, those three days replay in my head. I love it though.

I just wish things were different, is all. Is that bad?

5 thoughts on “November 26th, 2006

  1. I love it! I smiled reading it. You two have a cute story! Thanks for posting up something personal.

    But always remember, sometimes good things come to an end for better things to come together. 🙂


  2. I enjoyed reading this, because unlike all those football posts I actually understood it and read it with more interest! …although I have to ask, where April 22nd comes in? Totally cute and dorky though. *aw*

    “But always remember, sometimes good things come to an end for better things to come together.” – couldn’t agree more!

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