for those of you that think that defense is boring…

I’m gonna explain a few rules here and there about football and I’ll post videos to give you guys visual aids, haha.

Let’s start with some defensive plays and rule changes.

#90 – Ndamukong Suh – Defensive Tackle – Detroit Lions
Ndamukong Suh (pronounced En-da-moo-ken Soo) is one of the biggest and most bruising DTs I have ever seen. The man is fast and can undoubtedly tackle people. He is also one of the more controversial players in the NFL right now. He is often accused of being a dirty player as you will see in the video below.

In the video, the Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler (#6 in white), scrambles out of the pocket. The one rule change that occurs is the changing of pass/run eligibility. The QB is often just a passer but if he/she chooses to run the ball, they must commit to running and relinquish their ability to pass the ball on that play. Once they pass the line of scrimmage, their status changes from a passer into a runner. This makes certain hits legal that otherwise would be prohibited if the QB were still in the pocket.

Suh (#90 in blue) hits Cutler…I’ll let you be the judge of the hit.

#52 – Ray Lewis – Middle Linebacker – Baltimore Ravens
Ray Lewis (#52 in purple) is a proven veteran of the NFL. He has been decking receivers and running backs for the last 15 years. This play simply illustrates perfect linebacker execution. I’ll let you watch the video and you’ll see. Dustin Keller (#81 in white) never had a chance at advancing the ball…he also had the unfortunate pleasure of being on the receiving end of a Ray Lewis hit.

#21 – Sean Taylor – Free Safety – Washington Redskins
Sean Taylor was one of the best safeties the NFL had ever seen. He was a hard-hitting speedster and was widely regarded as the league’s best free safety up until his death in 2007.

The video below demonstrates how a safety can become a gunner when given the correct situation. The punter, Brian Moorman (#8 in white), decided to fake a punt. He subsequently became a runner instead of a kicker and had himself laid out by Taylor (#21 in blue). By the way, don’t mind the random Japanese commentators at the end, haha.

#24 – Nnamdi Asomugha – Cornerback – Philadelphia Eagles
Nnamdi Asomugha (pronounced Nahm-dee Aso-muah) is a speedy defender and has been touted as the best cornerback in the game right now (I would personally dispute that, but it’s hard to argue with his body of work). In the video below, he absolutely decks Chris Cooley (#47 in burgundy). Understand this: Cornerbacks usually only cover wide receivers. Cooley is a tight end. He stands at 6″3 and weighs in at 255 pounds. Asomugha stands at 6″2 and weighs 210 pounds. Despite the size disadvantage, he hits him linebacker style. Video below!

These are the most basic defensive highlights one could really find online. I hope you guys were entertained by them (or at least watched each one, haha). I’ll make a separate post with offensive plays coming up next. Good night!


One thought on “for those of you that think that defense is boring…

  1. I tried to understand but I gave up after I couldn’t pronounce a few words….just not a sports person! I think I’d need to SEE IT to get it.

    Nahm-dee Aso-muah – did anyone else actually say MWAH at the end? LOL :$

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