NFL Week 12 – Recap


With week 13 starting tomorrow, I think it’s about time that I posted this, haha. School had me a little tied up, so sorry for not putting this up sooner!

Green Bay Packers – 27, Detroit Lions – 15

Looks like the Packers are continuing to roll. What else is new here? They stand at the top of the NFL with a record of 11-0. Aaron Rodgers had a sluggish start to the game but quickly heated up and picked up two touchdowns fast. NT Ndamukong Suh further added to his dirty player reputation when he stomped on and drove Packers linesman Evan Dietrich-Smith’s head into the ground. His explanation for it was even worse. “I lost my footing and was trying to get my balance back.” Seriously? Here’s a video. Skip ahead to 0:50. Suh is #90 in blue and Dietrich-Smith is #62 in white.

Suh was ejected and has been suspended for two games without pay.

Rodgers threw for 307 yards with two touchdowns.

Miami Dolphins – 19, Dallas Cowboys – 20

The Cowboys seriously need to stop having these kinds of wins against teams that are inferior to them. WR Laurent Robinson caught enough balls for 79 yards and two touchdowns. The Cowboys have had this weird trend of having their starting players go down with a minor injury and having a back-up play more than adequately. Robinson is replacing Miles Austin right now just as DeMarco Murray replaced Felix Jones and Tashard Choice. Choice doesn’t even play for the Cowboys anymore! He was waived by the team after discovering that Murray is better. They have quite a situation to deal with when Miles Austin returns…

San Francisco 49ers – 6, Baltimore Ravens – 16 (HarBowl I)

Nothing much to say here other than Ray Lewis was out for the second week in a row. Turns out that he’s got a bad case of turf toe.

Buffalo Bills – 24, New York Jets – 28

This game was a close one and man, it disappointed me. If you know me, you know that I don’t like the Jets very much. I respect them and the way they play, but I don’t like them. WR Stevie Johnson played like a stud considering he was being covered by CB Darelle Revis…but he ultimately cost the Bills the game. He dropped two passes. Still, he put in work on Revis Island. He managed 75 yards and a touchdown…with a really bad celebration. He brought the ball into the end zone and proceeded to dance…then shot himself in the leg. Seriously, he pretended to shoot himself in the leg, it was awesome! This was all to mock Jets WR Plaxico Burress (he was arrested on grounds of illegal weapon possession in 2008 after he went to a club with a Glock tucked into the waistband of his pants. As the story goes, the gun began to slip down his pants and when he reached for it, he pulled the trigger by accident…smart man). I might as well post a video of it…

Personally, I found it hilarious. If I wasn’t writing for a blog, I would’ve plastered this section of the weekly recap with “LOLOLOLOLOLOL”. Aw crap…I just did. Anyway, QB Ryan Fitzpatrick looked like Mr. Fitzmagic again. He posted 264 yards while going 26 of 39 passes. He also threw for three touchdowns.

RB C.J. Spiller made his debut as the feature back for the Bills. He didn’t do very well with 19 carries for only 55 yards. He’s been filling in for RB Fred Jackson. He is done for the season with a broken bone in his right leg. He was on pace for at least 1500 rushing yards.

Cleveland Browns – 20, Cincinnati Bengals – 23

Two bad teams playing once again…Bengals made it out alive with a field goal. Nothing more to say here.

Minnesota Vikings – 14, Atlanta Falcons – 24

There isn’t much to say here. The Vikings have been in a jam and it has gotten worse since RB Adrian Peterson hurt himself in Week 11. Rookie RB Toby Gerhart came out with a mediocre game at best, but he at least scored a touchdown in place of Peterson. Atlanta has been rolling as of late. QB Matt Ryan had a solid game and it looks like WR Roddy White is back on track.

Houston Texans – 20, Jacksonville Jaguars – 13

The Texans have lost every single important player to an injury other than Arian Foster and Ben Tate. It started with OLB Mario Williams, then FS Danieal Manning (no, that’s not a spelling mistake…that’s seriously how his name is spelt), QB Matt Schaub and now back-up QB Matt Leinart. Schaub went down in week 11 after tearing a Lisfranc tendon in his foot. Ouch.

Leinart was ready to go and looked great in the passing attack…until he was hit and broke his collarbone in the second quarter. The good news is that the Texans still won the game with rookie T.J. Yates under center (that shouldn’t last long…) and they still remain in first place in the AFC (American Football Conference). I don’t know how to feel about it, but they signed Jake Delhomme to replace Leinart. We’ll see how it all develops.

Andre Johnson returned after not having played for seven weeks. Arian Foster carried the ball 22 times for 65 yards and a touchdown. He also pulled down seven passes for 24 yards.

Arizona Cardinals – 23, St. Louis Rams – 20

RB Beanie Wells absolutely destroyed the Rams run defense on Sunday. He was over 100 rushing yards in the first half alone. He finished the game with 228 yards and a touchdown. He did leave the game shortly after tweaking his already injured knee, so we’ll have to wait and see whether or not he’ll be okay for next weeks’ game. The rest of the Cardinals seemed rather dead. QB John Skelton only threw for 114 yards and a pair of interceptions.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 17, Tennessee Titans – 23

RB LeGarette Blount looked pretty damn good during this game. Aging? Nah, he ages like wine. RB Chris Johnson is finally starting to look like CJ2K once again…but will he finish the season strong or will he just disappear again?

Carolina Panthers – 27, Indianapolis Colts – 19

Well, this game was just two bad teams playing one another. The Panthers essentially helped the Colts get closer to having the #1 draft pick in the 2012 draft. Oh by the way, the Colts are now 0-11 for the first time since 1980-something…

Washington Redskins – 23, Seattle Seahawks – 17

RB Roy Helu was actually kicking ass during this game. Of course, it was just the Seahawks. Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan cannot be trusted in terms of figuring out who his feature back is. One week it’s Helu, the next it’s Torain. Go figure.

Chicago Bears – 20, Oakland Raiders – 25

I like QB Caleb Hanie. I really do. He’s one of those rookies that has all the skills and knowledge about the game as possible, but he has to go through the mandatory growth period before he’ll be awesome. I’m excited to see how he’ll grow as a quarterback if given more chances. Right now, what with QB Jay Cutler finished for the season (broken thumb on his throwing hand), he’ll get a lot more time in. Hopefully he can guide the Bears to the playoffs and keep them relevant. Hanie threw for 254 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions. Obviously, the Bears’ coaching staff wanted to prove to the world that they trust Hanie (allowing him to throw the ball 36 times and only completing 18 of them) and this is probably what lost them the game. I still remain optimistic for Caleb Hanie. He looks good. Hell, he even ripped off a few runs and finished with an additional 50 rushing yards.

QB Carson Palmer completed 21 of 37 throws and finished with 301 yards and an interception. All other scoring was handled by RB Michael Bush (69 yards, one touchdown and 24 receiving yards) and K Sebastian Janikowski.

New England Patriots, 38 – Philadelphia Eagles – 20

Wes Welker. That is all.

Okay, seriously though, WR Wes Welker had a huge game. It was like he had never injured his ACLs or his neck! He pulled in eight passes for 115 yards and two touchdowns. This is especially impressive since he had CB Nnamdi Asomugha covering him all night. The only thing wrong with Welker’s game was that he tried to rush the ball once and came away with -9 yards.

QB Vince Young started again and boy, did he rip it. Seems like QB Michael Vick may be questionable for Week 13 what with his broken ribs and with Young playing so well. Young finished the game with 400 yards, a touchdown and one interception.

Denver Broncos – 16, San Diego Chargers – 13

You have to wonder what is going to happen in San Diego. Seems like head coach Norv Turner is going to be fired and I feel for the guy. QB Philip Rivers disappointed once again. Not sure what’s going on with him or the Chargers as a whole…they’re sinking quick.

The Broncos were led to another victory by QB Tim Tebow. I guess this guy is the real deal and is starting some sort of new trend…the hybrid quarterback. Don’t get me wrong here, Tebow can’t throw very well. But he can run it. And the few times that he throws, at least one of them becomes a touchdown, haha.

Pittsburgh Steelers – 13, Kansas City Chiefs – 9

Steelers owned the Chiefs. QB Tyler Palko is filling in for the now injured…uhhh…whoever their original starting QB was. His throwing mechanics make Tim Tebow look like a demi-god when he throws.

New York Giants – 24, New Orleans Saints – 49

The Saints went off. QB Drew Brees threw for 363 yards and four touchdowns. He even rushed for one touchdown and eight yards. QB Eli Manning threw for 406 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. His favourite target, WR Victor Cruz, was the sole receiver to find the end zone. He caught nine balls for 157 yards and two touchdowns.


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    • Tell me about it. Wouldn’t wanna be playing him. I’d love to have somebody like that as a teammate…minus the head smashing and the stomping.

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