Embrace The Truth

One day:

[+] The positive side: they’ll realize you’re worth it or
[-] the negative side:  you’ll realize they’re not.

They say the only people you need in your life, are the ones that need you in theirs. I never believed that was entirely correct, because sometimes we need people in our lives, regardless of whether or not they want us in theirs. Sometimes just the sheer presence of someone seems as if though it’s worth it, however I stand corrected. Because it’s wrong to make someone priority when all they take you as is an option. I thought it was okay to hold on to people in that you wanted in your life, even when they didn’t want you….because if that one gesture brought a smile to your face, made your day and upheld the false believes and hopes for the future than maybe it worth it for just one more day. However in reality it really isn’t. If the presence of someone that doesn’t give a precious fuck about you has the ability to make you smile, make your day and keep make-believe hopes intact than all I have to say is there are lights ‘flashing’ all around you and you’re failing to recognize all the warning signs. Because by letting them have that importance in your life automatically gives them a power over you, the advantage in a relationship – you don’t want that. It gives them the upper hand, the ability to manipulate you and use you. It’s better to accept reality for what it holds, than to brush it off and take it as something it clearly does not convey. Because in the long run you’ll regret brushing off all the warning signs, and lament all the times you seized to recognize what was right and the times you didn’t follow your instincts. There’s no point to a temporary smile, because of the obvious tears that will follow. There’s no point to a day that went well, because of the several miserable days that will follow. There’s no point in keeping false hopes intact, because they only inflict twice the amount of pain when they come crashing down. The best bet is to embrace and behold whatever the truth and reality may be than to hinder and live a lie, because the repercussion of false hopes and a manipulated sugar-coated truth always inflicts more pain. That does not kill you, can only make you stronger.

It’s true you know..what they say, the only people you need in your life are the ones that need you in theirs.



–  R

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About Rukhsar Zaidi

Hello beautiful people! My name is Rukhsar Zaidi. I am a business graduate, part time blogger and an aspiring business owner and a full time mommy! My blog is my self-expression and also a way of letting off some steam. I pretty much write about my life, things that bother me or things that I care about - in hope to both help myself figure life out one post at a time, and reach as many people as I can through my writing. I'm just an [extra]ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams, tryna find my place in the world and something constant in a constantly changing world. I'm extremely opinionated, super friendly and absolutely love getting to know new people. If that sounds like you too, give me a shout. I would love to connect with you!

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