Love & War

Love & War (2009)

Love & War (2009)

Daniel Merriweather is one of the best-kept secrets in my life. Seriously. I never show this guy to anybody unless I really think they’re gonna be able to appreciate it. I will legitimately go apeshit if somebody says that he or this album sucks. Since I haven’t written a music review in a while (maybe I should start calling them musician reviews instead…), I figured that I may as well share one of my favourite artists with you guys.

Anyway, since I’m reviewing this album, it’s time to be a little less biased and a little more objective. Daniel Merriweather has flown under the radar in almost every music scene on the planet thus far. His musical style is a blend of R&B, soul and blues. It makes for some pretty interesting music. He has a feel for the piano like Elton John does and a touch for the guitar much like George Harrison did.

Love & War was released in 2009, my final year of high school. I recall when I discovered his album at HMV and decided, “Eh, why not?”. The album itself stands up pretty well as a whole. No song totally feels out of place in comparison to one another, so he is very secure with his self-concept and consistency in terms of music. The lyrics, as always, mostly deal with chasing the love of his life or losing the love of his life. But then again, which musician doesn’t write about that nowadays?

If you’re not big on the R&B/soul/blues scene, I’m not sure if I would suggest this album to you. Merriweather writes like an R&B musician, but arranges everything like a soul/pop artist  His voice is different too. He’s kind of like the John Mayer of the piano in terms of contemporary musicians that have an appeal that spreads from the youth to the adults of this lifetime.

By the way, did I mention that he’s Australian? I’ll leave you guys to decide whether or not you like his music, haha. I’ll post two links for everybody to listen to. One is actually a duet with Adele! This was back when nobody knew or cared who she was…I remember telling everybody she was going to be big too (no pun intended)! But that’s another story.

I only have two problems with Daniel Merriweather.

1. He has not toured Toronto. D:

2. He hasn’t released a second album yet!

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