Admin Update 1: A Congregation of Benevolent Artichokes.

Please be aware that all comments, while they must be approved, are still VERY VERY much welcomed. We value your support and ideas highly, and we thank you for your continued support in what we’re trying to accomplish here. While we may tolerate many things, Renegade Ink will not tolerate abuse, hate speech, or any comments that are made in a substantially derogatory manner. 

The things that we write are written for you just as much as they are written for us. We want to hear what you have to say about what we write, we want to hear about how much you have in common with us, and how much you see things differently. We want to hear about your story. Renegade Ink is not just a place for us to bounce ideas off the wall and get ourselves heard, it’s a place for you to be inspired, and for you to inspire us. We have been up and running for less than a month, and the feedback is awe-inspiring. Every day, we look forward more and more to hearing about what you think, but while we’re reading what you’re posting and smiling, we’re also seeing the spam count fly higher and higher and getting ever closer to a level of near apocalyptic rage. Catnarok, if I may. 

We’re funny people. We won’t delete your comment if you’re just trying to make a joke or you’re using profane language to get your point across about how fucking awesome cats are. We fucking love cats too. But please understand that keeping track on a blog with this many authors and this many readers in such a short time span is a very demanding job – we hope you continue to comment and tell us just how much we’re a bunch of idiots or explain to us in gratifying detail how much you want to satisfy our every sexual whim. 

– Renegade.


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