California Sunshine

I don’t know where my path is going to take me…


…but for now I’m okay just enjoying the view along the way.


One thought on “California Sunshine

  1. Enjoy the view and dwell into the nature’s beauty, it’s not about finding where the road will take you, it’s about how well you are enjoying the present moment. my view is like that. Though moods change for a bit, you feel sad, and you get trapped with vague thoughts, some unpleasant emotions; It’s a passing phase.
    I go through that everyday, but now I think and make my self aware about the situation, and though for sometime I feel low and, depressed and get carried away with the emotions; I buckle up again at that moment only, leaving behind the thoughts, by thinking, ” it’s all in our mind”, and then I go for a walk or contemplate.

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