New Year’s Resolutions

Hey guys,

I know it’s been forever since I’ve written a post. I just feel really uninspired at the moment. This city is still so new to me and I feel so discombobulated, what with getting settled into a new job, frantically searching for an apartment and trying to focus on my health and keeping fit.

Anyways, I just wanted to apologize for the huge gap between posts and decided to just take on my writer’s block head on and write about whatever came to mind.

Since it is officially 2012, I guess I should talk about my New Year’s Resolutions. Let me start by saying, I am SO OVER the whole New Year’s Resolutions craze; I personally believe we should always be in a state of self-improvement!

But I digress, here are my top 5 New Year’s Eve Resolutions!

1. Blog Regularly


2. Dine Out Less

Ok, I literally look like I weigh two pounds yet if you were to make a pie chart (Lulz, see what I did thar?) of how my brain works, “Thinking About Food” would make up about 75% of my brain activity.  I shit you not. I am either in a state of hungry, full, thinking of my next meal, thinking of my last meal, cooking my current meal, etc. Unfortunately the same pie chart would apply to my wallet and about 75% of my money goes to eating out. I seriously cannot eat home cooked meals everyday. It’s fucked up, I know, but I’m absolutely addicted to take-out!

3. Find an Apartment

Finding an apartment in Toronto is hard y’all. The prices are ridiculous compared to Montreal and the application process is straight up rigorous at times. Anyways, I’m still working on this. I came so close to finding a place and the land lady liked me and another applicant so much, she had to flip a coin to choose. Needless to say, Tails is not my lucky side. FML.

4. Workout Regularly

Even though I don’t even pass the basest adult human qualification of weighing at least 3 digits (to be fair, I’m quite short), it’s probably not the smartest idea for my only workout to come from clubbing on weekends. I’m really not a gym person though, I secretly laugh at joggers and I can’t swim. Last november, as sort of a joke, I took a Pole Fitness class and freaking LOVED IT. I’ve been doing it semi-quasi regularly ever since. I’ve reached somewhat of an intermediate level but I really want to push myself and see if I can actually become pro (as in competition level, not as a stripper – more Cirque Du Soleil, less ‘Diiamond Luv’).

5. Explore everything Toronto has to offer

The one thing I regret about living in Montreal for so long was that even though I lived there for all of 10 years, I always felt like I had just moved there a year or two ago. Kind of like moving in to a home and never really unpacking. I never actually opened my heart to the city and explored it. Granted, it probably wasn’t really my type of city. Even though my entire family is 100% french, I identify as full-fledged Anglophone so the absolute distaste and full on hate in some parts for english speaking people really affected me and I could never understand it. I have a number of other reasons as to why I’m glad to be out of there and I just don’t want to make the same mistake here even if it’s just out of laziness. I am definitely loving Toronto so far and I want to make it a point to see as much of it as I can and meet people along the way. It gets pretty lonely when the only people you really know is the girl you live with and your co-workers.

And that’s it it! My New Year’s Resolutions, what are yours? BTW, is kind of a cool way to mark down your resolutions and keep track of them, you also get lots of feedback and encouragement from the other users!


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Oh that sucks, losing an apartment via a coin toss! I am carrying over past resolutions into this new year of course, one of which is similar to your apartment hunt … I want to move out on my own! Good luck:)

    • Definitely sucks! And living on your own is absolute bliss I tell you 😛 Hopefully our luck increases with the New Year, I’m aiming for having my own place by Feb 1st!

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