Justin Crenshaw sat across from her naked form, laying on the steel table. The water dripped down from the cement structure behind her, her beautiful form shivering. The end of his cigarette burned brightly in the dim room, and he stood over her as the doctor hovered, examining her body and mumbling under his breath.

“How is she?” Crenshaw asked, observing the doctor carefully. The doctor paused for a moment, and looked up at Crenshaw with timid eyes. He was terrified.

“She is good, very good. She has healed completely, and she should be a completely operational agent within the next 24 hours.”

Crenshaw furrowed his brow. “Why not immediately?”

The doctor hesitated, his back turned to Crenshaw. “The procedure is still…relatively new. She is patient zero, and she is the very first of her kind. We must allow her to recover completely before we attempt to see if she has the ability to follow your directions, otherwise we may see some…side effects.”

“What kind of side effects?” Crenshaw said, raising his voice threateningly.

The doctor turned back to face him, worry etched into the lines of his face. “I do not know. The Americans…they say that the mind is a very strange thing. She could resist the programming completely, not even realizing that the programming exists. Or she could remember this, remember everything, and then come back and kill us all. She may even psychologically deteriorate until there’s nothing left but a shell of her mind. We may never know.”

Crenshaw licked his lips nervously. “What about the American agent that they did the programming on twice? Intel says that they programmed him once, he went off the rails and slaughtered an entire village in Afghanistan. Then they brought him back, reprogrammed him and turned him into a fuckin’ suicide bomber on that Cuban hotel.”

“It is possible,” the doctor acquiesced “but it is tremendously risky. I think that was more the exception than the rule. Johnathan Price showed extreme resiliency, but it was really the programming that barely won out in the end – and on top of that, what I’ve read from the data that we got from the operation center in Severnyy. It seems that Johnathan Price’s success was based primarily on the confusing nature of the torture used to get the codes back, and the convincing ability of the agents in charge.”

Crenshaw looked back at her naked body, laying on the table. As he looked on, the doctor nodded to him and left the table, the solid metal door closing with a click behind him as he moved out of the room. Crenshaw looked up at the door, and heard nothing else but the quiet drip-drip of the water falling into the puddle on the other side of the table. In the dim room, his cigarette burned brightly. He laid a hand gently on her naked thigh, and leaned in close. “You will be my greatest achievement. You will be the one thing that I am proud of. Soon, the entire world will fear you. You will be the sword in the night, the tip of the blade. Behind you, lies the power of Mother Russia.

In time, Erika Campbell, you will be the greatest weapon that the world has ever seen. And you will be all mine.”


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