whoa, slow your roll. (9)

Look at how he drops his off-hand when he pumps a fake. That’ll be your sign to change up your coverage. Don’t commit unless you’re sure that the ball is leaving his hands and being aimed at a receiver darting down the field.

Isn’t that up to the linebackers? I mean, if the ball is being thrown into the middle of the field, that job is up to the linebackers, right?

You’re so new, it’s cute.

We were sitting around watching game film of Eastern Commerce. She was giving me private lessons about my position on the team. She always told me that the coaches were high on me as a player, but I couldn’t believe her. I didn’t know much about playing safety. I only knew how to take the ball and run with it.


I asked Anne over and over again to come hang out with me. I just thought that I should at least check up on her and her cracked head which was, of course, my fault. The guys on the team would never let me live it down, but that wasn’t what bothered me. I was trying to cover up the fact that I was really attracted to her and by doing that, I think I was giving myself away. Anyhow, Anne came by my old high school one time and we went for a bit of a stroll downtown.

Hey, thanks for coming out. How are you feeling? You’ve got those odd absorbable stitches, huh?

Yeah, I do. And no problem, I thought I should at least come out here to let you know that I don’t completely hate you.

We made our way over to the Eaton’s Centre and I offered to buy her some food or a drink. She more or less flat out denied any sort of offer…it felt a little odd, to be honest. Anyhow, I decided to try to get to know her, so we walked out of Eaton’s Centre and onto Queen Street.

I know this cool little cafe you might like. It’s right off of Nathan Philips Square. Feel like a coffee?

No thanks, not really into the whole caffeine scene.

Well, if you ever feel like just hanging out, I’ll take you there. I think you’d like it, haha.

As we continued to walk, I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was so pretty and it felt nice to be around somebody so nice and attractive. Is that bad? Anyway, she caught me staring and decided to tell me off.

Hey, I know I look like a freak. No need to always look at my head, you know.

My head turned away so quickly. I felt embarrassed for staring…at least she thought it was because I was fascinated with her scar and not her looks. We eventually wound up spending our time at Steve’s. I was getting annoyed with my old Epiphone SG, so I took the opportunity to scope out a few more guitars. I know, you shouldn’t do that kind of thing when you’re trying to get to know somebody, but guitars and music are two parts of my life that I’d never let go. Even if a girl is around to just stand there while I lose myself in my little sonic world.

When we decided to head home, the strangest thing happened. She asked me out on a date…and I said yes. Granted, it was a double date, but still…it was like somebody had answered my prayers (that is, if I were a praying man). The best part was that we kinda kissed. Okay, not really. Okay, sort of. Okay, I’m not sure what to call it. We both missed, but I guess that counts.


Diana, this is Roland. Roland, this is Diana.

Hey. I didn’t know you were into my buddy Francis, haha. 

Oh yeah, he’s always been super attractive to me ever since I met him four months ago.

I could care less as to what Diana was saying. I was more mesmerized by Annie. She always managed to look so pretty. Make-up or no make-up. Hair up or hair down. Layers and layers of clothing on or just a cheerleading uniform. Everything about her just seemed so great and perfect. They say that emotions always cloud one’s judgement, but even if you didn’t feel a thing for this girl, I think you’d agree that she’s pretty.


I introduced Roland to Diana. I didn’t realize that Diana’s new almost-boyfriend was a friend of his. While Dee spoke endlessly about how amazing Francis was, I noticed that he was less engaged than he usually could be. He sat there with a blank expression. Maybe he didn’t want to be on the double date…after all, I did ask him on the spot and threw in a weird dog lick on his face that I called a kiss. Ugh, if I could ever take anything back, it would be that wannabe kiss and the odd dates that came afterwards. I sat down across from him and tried to read his face.

Anne. Anne. Annie! I’m trying to ask you something here, hell-ohhhhhhhh!?

Sorry, what’s up, hon?

I was just asking Roland how the two of you met!

Oh, that’s a curious story. Well, he plays for my dad.

Oh…that’s it?

Roland decided to chime in.

Well, I’m the one that’s responsible for her forehead being cracked open. See, I missed a tackle and wound up flying towa-

Ew, blood. Don’t need to know, thanks.

Diana was a bit of an airhead, but I’ve known her since we were both four years old. Couldn’t cut the umbilical cord just because she was a ditz.

Still, I couldn’t help but wonder what was up with him…


So, what’s it like having brothers that are All-Americans? And how much bigger is football in America? Because nobody really cares for it here in Toronto or Canada for that matter.

It’s a big deal. And by big deal, I mean that it’s the lifeline of the States sometimes. And my brothers are great and all. I love them, but they let all the accolades go to their heads. Sometimes I feel like my dad wishes that I were born a boy so that I could’ve played football too. Not like I don’t, but it’s not like there are female football school teams, you know?

What most people don’t know is that Annie and I went on a few dates in between our hang out session at Steve’s and the double date. I guess I got a little greedy and wanted to see her all on my own. We sat on the bench by the skating rink and we were sharing little facts with one another.

If you could play anywhere in the NFL, where would you wanna go? And don’t give me a one-word answer, I wanna hear why, haha.

To be honest, I’m not sure. I’d enjoy playing in San Francisco because the weather is pretty sweet there. I’d like to play in Oakland because my dad would love it and the silver and black looks awesome. Um, the Vikings interest me just because they’re my favourite team. If they would take me, I’d play in Houston because…well, I’ve always wanted to try living and playing in Texas, haha. And last but not least, I’d love to play in New York. For the Giants, never for the Jets.

Hey, my mom was a cheerleader for the Raiders back in the day, haha! You’ve got some odd reasoning for a few of the teams, but I think that’s cool. Let’s get back on the ice?

I prefer grass and turf, but sure, ice seems a bit more entertaining than sitting on this bench.


I don’t like him, Annie. He’s totally not here right now.

What do you mean? He’s here. He’s just taking a walk or something. If you mean that he seems like he mentally checked out, then I agree with you there.


…No Dee, I was just saying…never mind.

Even though I was trying my best to hide what I was thinking from Dee, she could tell that I was bothered. He continually left the table. I don’t know why, but it wasn’t like I was trying to flag him down either. I should have though.

Look, he’s back. Told you nothing was wrong. Maybe somebody keeps calling him.

Hey, I decided to grab you a coffee. French vanilla is your favourite style, yeah?

He set down a saucer and placed a huge cup of coffee on top of it. It made me smile.

Thanks. I realized that we were all just sitting here and talking. A date is a date and we should at least be drinking coffee if we’re in a cafe, right?

Oh-em-gee, Francis. Why couldn’t you get me some coffee?


Hey, we’ll miss the movie if we don’t get going. Let’s go!

Anne looked over at me and smiled. She waved Diana and Francis off.

Oh god, you’re having a moment. We’ll see you there!

Diana took Fran by the hand and they gladly walked towards the door. It made me happy that she was smiling. I know I always write about how good-looking she is, but I was completely smitten.

My phone suddenly vibrated. I quickly dropped a hand on top of it and turned it so I could see who was calling me. The screen read “Cat”…I hit the ignore button.

Gotta go. C’mon. 

She tugged at my left arm. I slid out of the booth and stood up. She slipped her fingers in between mine and said,

I think this the start of a great friendship, don’t you think?

Friendship? Wait, are you serious?

I raised our interlocked hands to her eyes.

Well…I think that maybe this friendship could go elsewhere. Don’t worry.

She smiled and began towards the door. And of course, I followed behind her.


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