Random Fact.

How-To-Draw-a-Bleeding-Heart Tutorial

I didn't draw this - My hearts were cooler.

I’ve always been the type of person to be too easily impressed. I fall in love with people very easily, whether it be romantic or platonic. If I meet someone I really dig, I feel the need to let them know this immediately, for fear that if I don’t, I might miss my chance and they’ll go away never knowing how I feel.

When I was little (about 7 or so), I used to give pictures of hearts I’d drawn to people I really liked as a gesture of friendship. I thought it was really cute…except that these were dying hearts covered in deep gashes and lacerations with veins pumping out thick, vascuous blood that dripped down to form a pool of blood in the shape of the words “I Love You”.

I always thought that the people I gave these to were genuinely excited and maybe a little touched but I realize now that my drawings were probably regarded with about as much polite “enthusiasm” as a dead, headless bird your cat dragged in for you as a “present”.

Needless to say, I’ve found a healthier way to show people how much I like them.


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