Social Constructs (to take a page from Habte…)

What does that video tell us about what our youth is learning? Where is the youth learning all of this from?

This video makes me angry. Most people are taking to Facebook and Twitter to tell the world how disgusted they are. To tell you the truth though, as bad as the video is, I think a lot of people are bullshitters.

Before I say anything more, let me sound off on the video.

First of all, these kids have apparently been identified without the help of this video, so that’s good. They deserve the shit coming their way. Second of all, what the fuck? So, you’re gonna film a video of you and your crew beating on a dude that may be an immigrant? You feel big after doing that? You feel tough? None of you have the balls to show your faces to who you’re attacking, yet you have the gall to do it anyway? If you’re gonna do something like this and film it, you may as well just show your faces anyhow.

I know I’m just one of the many people that are sounding off on this video, but that’s sad. It’s even more ironic that this video has essentially surfaced on MLK Day. It’s fucked. And all of this for what? Just to hassle a dude and get some punches in on somebody that was completely defenseless? Not only am I mad, I’m seriously saddened by this video because I know that the guys that did this definitely aren’t older than me. Hell, these guys aren’t even older than my youngest brother. Makes you think about what in the world kids now are learning and where they’re learning it all from.

Lastly, I have to say that these guys must feel pretty stupid after shooting and posting a viral video. Why wouldn’t this go viral? The second you show somebody, they’ll show somebody else. That chain will repeat itself over and over until somebody is disgusted and begins exposing it. Furthermore, why the fuck are these kids dropping the n-bomb left, right and centre? If the information that has been gathered by the police and people of the internet is right, none of these kids are black and they are mostly all of Asian descent as well. I don’t get it. Might I remind you again, it’s sad that this video has surfaced on MLK Day. If the information on the internet is correct, then these kids are 17-18 years old. They deserve to be tried, in my opinion. Somebody get these idiots on an episode of “Scared Beyond Straight” and don’t let them out for 6 months. I’m not sure what the penalty is for assault in America, but I think a few of these guys deserve it.

Now, back to what I was saying. Let’s draw a few comparisons here.

There are seven attackers in the video. It’s safe to say that a bad group mentality led these guys to think that it’d be a good idea to jump a dude and film it too.

Now, how many people have posted this video to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr? How many people are joining in this conversation? I understand that it is important to spread the word about things like this, but it doesn’t make you intelligent or insightful to post a viral video with a semi-cohesive statement next to it.




“fucken see what happens if you fuck with a real nigga”

Those are some examples of the statues that accompanied the video on my Facebook news feed. Call me hipster or a contrarian, I don’t care. If you have nothing intelligent to say, please don’t post a viral video. I get it, this is a seriously messed up situation. These kids deserve to be brought to some sort of justice. But I’m starting to get the feeling that a lot of people post these things just so they can be “the first” to know about it. The first to tell their friends about it and how disgusting it is. The first to be “in the know”. The first to peacock their internet savvy and their opinion on it. And after that, people post the video so they can belong to an apparent elite club, even if it’s just for a little bit.

“Guys, look! I know about the video too!”

I took to renegadeink to complain about this video. I posted a brief tweet or two about the video. I reblogged the video once and added my thoughts to it. But never would I ever dare think of posting the video to Facebook. I joined in, sadly. But Facebook is where all knowledge, information and basic grammar/syntax goes to die.

With all of that said, I do hope that the attackers are caught. I’m begging all of you readers (whoever you guys are) to not participate in such lemming-like behaviour.


3 thoughts on “Social Constructs (to take a page from Habte…)

  1. I’ve been following that trend myself, seeing the vast amount of people posting it on facebook, and it is indeed starting to seem like “FIRST” type douchebaggery. But more than that – it’s turning into a group mentality. It bothers me, that we’re more interested in revenge tactics and punishment than we are at fixing and rehabilitation. What can drive seven young people to this type of malicious behaviour? This is not normal behaviour – there is something wrong here, but the people calling for these kids to spend years in prison and be tried as adults are just as wrong as the kids who perpetrated the assault in the first place. It just bugs me, that we’re at a stage now where we’re more interested in putting kids in a situation that they spend years with adult criminals, and made to hate the justice system, instead of trying to fix the problem.

    Cure the illness, not the symptoms.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you. I think a fair amount of outrage is to be expected (and might even be admirable… at times I grow concerned that we have become desensitized to behavior of this kind), but vengeance and further violence will not solve anything. I am particularly appalled by the snapshot of one of the assailants’ faces circulating the Internet with the caption, “If You See This Guy, Kick His Ass.” He probably deserves it. But none of us have any right.

  2. Surely there’s something that can be done in terms of rehabilitation, but they’re young. That could go either way with them. Rehabilitation is the one road we should be pursuing in terms of the justice system, but people will always want the more extreme punishment because it seems more like a punishment than rehabilitation ever will. Again, that’s not the point of rehabilitation. Although I did say that I think these kids should be tossed in jail or on that show “Scared Beyond Straight”, I was rather riled up when I wrote this. Still, I think some time is deserved on their parts. This, according to my understanding of what American law requires, is assault and battery. Again, I have to say that people need to stop peacocking and demanding that these kids are tried as adults…

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