I’m Gonna Find Another You.

Again, no singing. D:
I just thought that Ghost might like this, haha.
It’s my most popular video (1173 views is nothing to brag about though) and I think the first I ever did with my (then-new) Telecaster. (:
Thought that I’d change up the scene a bit because I’ve been dropping metal covers and metal album reviews for the last little while, haha. Hope you guys enjoy!

P.S. Yes, I’m actually planning to sing in one of these videos sooner or later…just not yet. This is by far my favourite John Mayer song, by the way!

It’s really over, you made your stand.
You got me crying, as was your plan.
But when my loneliness is through, I’m gonna find another you.

You take your sweaters.
You take your time.
You might have your reasons, but you will never have my rhymes.
I’m gonna sing my way away from blue.
I’m gonna find another you.

When I was your lover,
no one else would do.
If I’m forced to find another, I hope she looks like you.
Yeah, and (that) she’s nicer too.

So, go on baby,
make your little get away.
My pride will keep me company
And you just gave yours all away.
Now I’m gonna dress myself for two.
Once for me and once for someone new.
I’m gonna do some things you wouldn’t let me do.
Oh, I’m gonna find another you.


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