New Pair of Shoes

This is a little something I wrote today representing what Fashion means to me. It’s a little more ‘cutesy’ than my typical style but anyone who knows me, knows that Fashion is my boyfriend!


I am happiest in a new pair of shoes.

Towering platform heels render me high for days. I’ll positively stomp it out in a great pair of knee-high boots. A comfy flat makes me feel like I can do no wrong.

I am at my best in a great dress. A feisty mini gives me all of the confidence of a minx. Give me an LBD and I’ll give you my best Katherine Hepburn. An adorable fit and flare keeps me prim and proper.

I wouldn’t feel complete without accessories. A plethora of bangles along my forearm makes sure I get noticed. I love to make a statement with an over-the-top cocktail ring. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend but for a girl on a budget, a cute rhinestone headband is sure to catch anyone’s eye. Whether I carry a dependable tote, a sleek new clutch or this season’s hottest handbag, my purse is the cherry on top of the fashion sundae.

Like so many others, Fashion is my life. My clothes are as much a part of me as my arms and legs. I have a visceral reaction to seeing a beautifully dressed man or woman. I see the world in blocks of colour, artfully draped fabric and uniquely designed shapes and proportions.

If anything, this piece should tell you that I carry my fashion well and my heart on my sleeve.

Oh, and I will always and forever be happiest in a new pair of shoes.


4 thoughts on “New Pair of Shoes

    • Haha thanks! And I’m sure your individual sense of style is just fine 😛 It’s not always about following trends you know!

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