fight your way out.

I was so unsure about where I was or what was happening. Everything was black.

I had never felt so lost in my life. You’d think that I would’ve been trying to find Candice, but I couldn’t see a thing.

I tried to figure out reasons for my lack of sight.

Maybe I’m blind…yeah, that has to be it. I’ll call out to Candice and she’ll come find me.

My body made the movements and motions necessary to scream. I tried, I really did. But no sound would come out. I could feel the air escaping my lungs, yet no sound came out.

Maybe the crash was so bad that my larynx got crushed. What happened…?


Hey. It’s me. I’m here, don’t worry.



What happened? Candice? Where’d you go?

Everything was silent again. There was nothing but the black and my thoughts.

I’m dead, aren’t I?

More silence. The only thing I could do was think. When I was a kid, my local pastor and my parents always used to warn me about purgatory. My parents were a religious pair of people and always said that it was worse than hell in its own way.

You’re completely separated from your body and from God. There’s nothing there and you’re endlessly floating in space.

I never used to believe them. I mean, how would they know? They were alive and standing in front of me whenever they explained purgatory to me. But at that very moment in time, I was scared. I had to believe them because it was the only explanation that made sense.


How much longer?

No one knows. He’ll respond to you though. Talk to him like you normally would; he doesn’t bite.

Alright, I guess. Hey…I just thought that I’d swing by. It’s been a long while. I brought you a few things and I started a capsule just for you. 


Come on, just say something to me. 

She squeezed my hand, but I kept quiet.

Just promise me that you’ll get through this. Fight your way out.

I squeezed back.


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