An odd choice of an inaugural post perhaps.  Or maybe not.

Now, while I may be a self-professed stranger to love, the notion of love is not lost upon me.  Too many times have I seen a friend’s face turned to the distance, lost in their own thoughts of love and all its intricacies, unperturbed by the immediate problems at hand (mainly which type of toilet paper to choose).  But in all seriousness, love is an idea that we all explore and come to define in our own way.  And this is a great thing.

Now my main qualm with this whole love business is how people become rooted to their definitions of love, and refuse to let it go.  Like life, love is a concept, which I feel at least, should continually evolve.  Love is something that grows and shapes itself with our experiences.  It’s time we revolutionize the way we approach this.  Don’t be afraid to challenge your own definition, join the re[love]ution.



5 thoughts on “Re[love]ution

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