Blown Assignment

Breathing heavily Domino hid behind the island in his kitchen. Utensils were thrown around with the food from the refrigerator; it was like a giant salad, only with the essentials of kitchen life. The brand new ceiling lights he installed were of no use now as they just flickered on and off. He admired his kitchen and wanted to count the bullet holes around the room, but decided it was safer to keep his head down. His refrigerator was lying on its belly, while his appliances were playing dead across the floor. Playing dead at the moment seemed like a good idea. Maybe pretend to get shot and just lay flat, maybe that would get Astor’s men off his back. He chuckled at the idea, because he knew why Astor’s men were here tonight, they wanted his blood.

Sweat was dripping from his head and the adrenaline was making him antsy. It was nothing new to him, the rush was what made him good at what he did – assassinations. He recollected his thoughts quickly, for he knew it was only a matter of time before the remaining henchmen would track him to his own kitchen. He knew that they would eventually stop following the false trail he set for them.

He began to recall his thoughts from the day that turned him into Astor’s nemesis. It wasn’t always this way. He worked for Astor; anyone that was in the way of progress, Domino was the man to take them out. Domino was the perfect assailant – quick entry and exit, leave no signs of the involved parties, and erase the trace.

There was a Don moving in on Astor’s territory, and he was covering a lot of ground fast. So Astor gave Domino the heads upon his new target, but this time it wasn’t going to be easy. It was actually a pretty simple kill, but the target itself was simply too hard to endure. It was the new don’s eight year-old daughter. This went against all the morals of Domino. There was no honor in killing a child. Domino thought to himself, why not head straight for the new don, but Astor was a man that enjoyed sending a thorough message.

Domino didn’t want to shoot an innocent girl, but he had no choice. There would be two escorts with him on this mission; Astor wanted proof the job was done. The pressure mounted on Domino, because there was no way he was going to shoot a little girl, but how was he going to escape soundly. He kept his cool and waited at the drop zone, a house across the street from the girl’s school. Domino and his escorts waited in a room with the perfect view to assassinate the little girl. It was another half hour before the children would be released, and if Domino wanted to make a move it had to be now. He motioned to the escorts that he was going to use the bathroom. He went into the bathroom and unveiled a small stun grenade. He then proceeded back toward the room where his escorts awaited his arrival. Quickly he opened the door, threw the grenade, and closed the door shut with him on the outside. There was a loud burst and inside the two men were dazed and blinded. Domino opened the door and pulled out his M9 with a silencer attachment. With two shots emerging from the barrel the two men lay motionless on the ground. The school bell rang and Domino was making his exit from the building.

Jumping back to his reality, his body ached from the on-going tirade between Astor and himself. Astor’s men have hunted him all across the state and now finally to his home, the one place he thought was concealed from Astor’s knowledge. The front door creaked opened and he knew they had arrived.

“It took them long enough.” he thought to himself. He wasn’t nervous or scared, he was just focused. Make the shot count, if not to kill at least to wound or disarm. The footsteps neared the kitchen area and from a stainless steel toaster on the floor he could count the remaining adversaries he had to deal with. The footsteps inched closer and closer, but he was grateful to have such a huge island in the middle of his kitchen with a big cupboard. It was big enough to hide a person, which was exactly what he planned to do next. In the toaster he saw the six men split into two teams the flank him from both sides. Before they got the jump on him, he quickly aimed his silenced pistol towards the lights and fired.

Darkness surrounded the goons as they felt their way around the kitchen for stability. Domino meanwhile exited the other end of the island and eased his way into the living room.  The goons were still trying to find a break from the darkness and began to punch at each other. They became responsive to any sense of touch, leading to them punching each other and apologizing afterwards.

Domino turned the lights on in the living room and crouched by the wall separating the kitchen and living room. There were two exits from the kitchen into the living room and in between the exits was an eight foot wall. A wall in which Domino made himself comfortable between his two antique wooden miniature tables. He knew the light would trigger the goons’ exit of the kitchen; it was like leading flies to their death with the glowing blue light lamp. He waited patiently and then the footsteps moved cautiously into the living room. The goons moved slowly to locate Domino, and to avoid any deadly surprises.

One by one they exited and Domino counted the heads, six in total. He eased his M9’s out of their holsters and inched slowly out of his hiding spot. He stood up and took aim. Like a car igniting nitrous oxide, the bullets reeled from his weapons hitting their targets. Thumping to the floor, all six men stared at each other unable to blink any longer. Finally a sigh of relief came from Domino. At least tonight he could spare some sleep before relocating again in the morning.


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