NFL Free Agency

It’s been ages since I’ve written anything here, but I suppose I’ll write about what has been bugging me most lately.

Yes, the NFL is on my mind. So much for priorities, huh? Haha, anyway, let’s get this show on the road.

Peyton Manning Signs with the Denver Broncos

Peyton spent 14 years of his career with the Indianapolis Colts.

Peyton as a Titan (left), Bronco (middle), and 49er (right). Man, the wonders of photoshop...

Holy shit. This is a bit mind-boggling to me. Peyton signing with the Broncos? Really? Well, let’s break down the particulars of it all…

Decent running game in Denver: RB Willis McGahee and their offensive co-ordinator (Mike McCoy) had success last season when running the ball. McGahee was able to finish the season with 1199 rushing yards and I haven’t seen him produce numbers like that since he last played with the Buffalo Bills. But what happened to former starting RB Knowshon Moreno? Well, he was injured rather often, so it should be interesting to see how everything unfolds when the season starts.

– Young and smart receiving corps: WRs Demayrius Thomas and Eric Decker are both young and talented. We all know Thomas for his catch-and-run against the Steelers during the first round of the playoffs this year. Decker reportedly scored the highest on the Wonderlic Test during the Draft Combine back in 2010 and he was able to adjust accordingly to Tebow’s way of playing quarterback. Throughout the season, Decker was able to show flashes of brilliance on the field. But this is because QB Tim Tebow was throwing the passes…and he almost never threw passes.

A decent secondary: Denver’s defense is pretty good. I won’t take that away from them. But they aren’t the greatest defense. Regardless, they are able to get their stops and prevent teams from scoring as much as any other good defense. LB Von Miller and DE Elvis Dumervil should enjoy greater success this season with Peyton at the helm. What does offense have to do with defense, you ask? Well, Tim Tebow (as great as he is for any team in terms of pop culture, ticket sales, and finding ways to score) won’t score as much as Peyton will. If you aren’t able to throw to your receivers, you won’t have an easy time scoring. The more points that can be put on the scoreboard, the better for the defense. They might be on the field more often, but the opposing team will call far more passing plays. So, Miller and Dumervil will enjoy playing a more pressure-oriented style of defense. They can be put into blitz packages a bit more often. They can essentially gamble every now and then instead of always having to cover zones in order to preserve their leads (the very small ones that Tebow created).

But what does this all mean for their young and polarizing first round pick Tim Tebow? Word on the street is that the Broncos are looking to trade him. Tebowmania is officially over, it seems. But I’ll give you my take on the situation. I think that the Broncos could hang on to him. They could use Tebow in some interesting packages (Wildcat, for one) and they could even have him sit back and learn from Peyton. But my real solution would be to help Tebow change his game and position…help him perfect his running ability and use him as a halfback. Why not? We’ve all seen what he can do with his legs and he obviously has the physique of a running back (check out his arms, shoulders, and legs).

When's the last time you saw a QB with guns like those?

Tebow (15, navy jersey) outrunning the entire Patriots defense...get a load of those arms. 😐

Instead of forcing him to continue playing quarterback, why not help him make the most of his talent as a runner? This is not to discount his passing ability (though it is inferior to that of any conventional quarterback), I just think that he would stay in the NFL a much longer time if he were to continue his career as a running back.

As for Manning, he is signing with a young team. The Broncos may be a decent team, but I really thought that he had better options elsewhere. Take the San Francisco 49ers for example. They were a few special teams plays away from the Super Bowl. With a true quarterback, I believe that WR Michael Crabtree and TE Vernon Davis could be used to the greatest extent of their abilities and would rejuvenate the passing attack in Candlestick Park. But Peyton has decided to trade in his horseshoe for a horse. We’ll see how it unfolds.

Peyton Manning (left) and Tim Tebow (right) post-game back in 2010.


RB Mike Tolbert Signs with the Carolina Panthers

Mike Tolbert running through a hole in the Patriots' defense.

The big back has inked a four-year deal with the Carolina Panthers. Tolbert finished last season with the San Diego Chargers with 490 rushing yards  (8 TDs) on 121 attempts. He was injured, but he also played 15 of the 16 possible games. I’m a bit baffled by this, to be honest. The Carolina Panthers now have three very capable running backs in RBs DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, and now, Mike Tolbert. Not to mention the fact that Panthers QB Cam Newton (the #1 overall pick from last year’s draft) was the leading scorer in terms of rushing touchdowns. This is an odd signing. Mike Tolbert does have great hands (54 receptions for 433 yards and 2 TDs) and that might be what interests the Panthers most about him. We may see some interesting packages with Newton, Williams, Stewart, and Tolbert all on the field at once. Newton would obviously be the QB, Tolbert may be the FB, Williams the RB, and Stewart playing TE. We’ll see how this all works out. I’m definitely gonna miss Mike Tolbert doing the dougie in the San Diego sunlight.

Mike Tolbert dougie-ing after a touchdown. That's a big dougie.

For added entertainment, I thought that I’d also post this video of Tolbert gettin’ down.


QB Matt Flynn Signs with the Seattle Seahawks

Matt Flynn, back-up quarterback to Aaron Rodgers

Matt Flynn inked a three-year deal with the Seattle Seahawks. He has spent his entire professional career with the Green Bay Packers. Yes, he is Aaron Rodgers’ back-up. Yes, he is generally unproven and hasn’t received much playing time. But he did win a collegiate title with LSU (Louisiana State University) and has impressed everybody each time he has stepped onto the field for the Packers. Now, Flynn has a chance to prove himself with the Seahawks. He’ll be given a chance to actually compete for the starting QB position against Tavaris Jackson.


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