NFL Scouting Combine

I thought that I should explain the Scouting Combine because I’ve been getting questions about it, haha.

So, the NFL Scouting Combine is the last (or second-last) chance for certain college players that has declared himself for the NFL Draft to showcase his skills. It is essentially the easiest way for every team to observe the prospects and get a free physical from each one without having to personally fly them out to their respective team compounds. Players may attend by invite only.

Some players can elect not to attend the Scouting Combine and instead hold a “Pro Day” at their respective universities. During the “Pro Day”, scouts are all invited to the university of the said player and he will showcase his skills using the Combine workouts or anything else that they deem suitable.

Now, what workouts are used in the Scouting Combine?

40-Yard Dash – You must dash across 40-yards as fast as you possibly can. This is used to measure your speed and how quickly it takes you to reach your top speed. Every player has to do this drill regardless of their position.

225lbs Bench Press – You must bench press (on a flat bench) 225lbs as many times as you possibly can. This is a very daunting task as most people have trouble with 135lbs. This is obviously used to measure strength and the stamina of the players. According to NFL Network, only a few players have been able to manage more than 40 repetitions since 1999.

Vertical Jump – You must jump as high as you possibly can and push the tiles forward. This is used to measure your vertical jump. Teams are interested in this statistic to figure out whether or not the player will be able to jump over piles of defenders in different situations.

Broad Jump – You must jump forward from a completely still and standing position as far as you possibly can. This is used to measure how far you can jump without running. Teams are interested in this statistic to find out if the player is able to gain extra yardage via jumping.

3-Cone Drill – Three cones are placed five yards apart, forming a right-angle triangle. Players must touch two of the cones and run in a figure-eight fashion in order to complete this task. Sound tough? It kind of is, haha. Anyway, teams use this to measure the agility of  a player. This exercise is also used to showcase how fluid one’s movements are.

20-yard Shuttle – I’m not going to explain this one because it’s a tad bit confusing unless you have diagrams. This is just to measure how quickly you can cover certain distances.

Wonderlic – A compressed multiple-choice examination that tests your cognitive abilities. In particular, this exam evaluates your mathematical skills (if there are 11 players on the defense, 11 players on the offense and 7 referees on the field, how many people are on the field?), basic logic (if red is to apple the blue is to _____), football knowledge (if the linebacker has to cover the running back, who does the safety correspond to?), basic English (spelling, grammar, etc.) and some psychology.

Love it or hate it?

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