More NFL Off-Season Activity…

Tim Tebow is traded to the New York Jets

Tim Tebow as a member of the, people are too good with photoshop.

Tim Tebow was traded twice yesterday. Yes, twice. The Denver Broncos and New York Jets have agreed to a trade of Tim Tebow and a 2012 seventh-round pick in exchange for two picks in the upcoming draft (fourth-round and sixth-round).

Originally, Tebow had been traded just for a sixth-round pick. The reason the Jets withdrew their agreement to the trade was because of some specific bonus language in Tebow’s contract. From my understanding, the Broncos owed Tebow some bonus that was written into his rookie-scale contract. Since the Broncos had not paid him this bonus, they told the Jets that they would be absorbing that clause and wold have to pay the man his $5 million dollar bonus. Of course, they didn’t like that.

The two teams finally settled on a trade when they revamped the deal to include two more picks (the seventh-rounder from the Broncos and the fourth-round pick from the Jets). The Jets also agreed to pay half of Tebow’s $5 million bonus while the Broncos compensate him for the other $2.5 million.

The effects of this trade…

The New York Jets were an absolute mess this season. Head coach Rex Ryan seems to have lost the locker room at times. Several members of the Jets anonymously went to several New York newspapers and criticized starting QB Mark Sanchez. The receivers (Plaxico Burress, Santonio Holmes, etc.) were all unhappy due to the fact that they just weren’t being thrown to.

Now, the Jets have always stood by Mark Sanchez and have always told the world that they believe that he is their franchise quarterback. They recently signed him to an extension…but now they’re bringing Tim Tebow into the mix. Seeing as Sanchez already has problems with his own teammates, his peace of mind (as the starter) is now going to be disturbed by the circus that will follow Tebow.

Secondly, how will the Jets work Tebow into their schemes? The Jets definitely went through a lot of trouble just to acquire him, so they must think that they have a use for him. Sure, they could use the Wildcat formation, but are you really gonna use that every down? Even slight variations of it could go stale in-game. Will there be friction? Absolutely.

Lastly, the Jets now have very little wiggle room to work with in terms of quarterbacks and salary cap space. What does this mean for their draft schemes? They better not draft a quarterback or I will be convinced that their management requires some shaking up…

I only hope that Tebow has a Vick-like journey. I hope that he learns how to throw and play quarterback in the most traditional sense. That would allow him to make the most of his athletic potential. We’ll see how this unfolds.

P.S. John Elway, GM of the Broncos and former superstar quarterback, inherited Tebow when he was hired. He essentially traded Tim Tebow and a seventh-round pick for Peyton Manning (on a 5-year, $96 million contract), a fourth-rounder, sixth-rounder, and $2.53 million (half of Tebow’s bonus). Not bad. Not bad.


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