I know you saw the game, Annie. It was a display of sheer dominance by Alabama. I bet you were at the game too. I always think about what could have been whenever I see the Crimson Tide bowling over their competition. Makes me jealous, really. I got stuck on a dysfunctional team that plays with three downs and allows three players to be in motion pre-snap. Winning three BCS national titles seems a lot more awesome than riding the end of the bench on a bad team.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the guys and their company. They’re all a bunch of funny guys and some are really smart. Some were top recruits (that clearly got duped) and others were cast-offs from their high school teams. And then you have the walk-ons that haven’t a clue as to how to play football in the first place. While the teams I’ve played on throughout my post-secondary career have consistently missed the playoffs, Alabama has enjoyed the luxury of winning 3 BCS titles in their 4 appearances in the big game.

Thinking about that hotel room in Tuscaloosa makes me smile. We had our fun and learned a lot of things in that weekend. I think what makes me feel the most regret is all the talk about McCarron and his hot girlfriend. They’re already being called the “first couple of Alabama”. McCarron is officially Alabama royalty and earned his three championship rings. As for his girlfriend, I’ve heard that she’s a beauty queen. She also seemed pretty grounded. The regret sets in when I think about potentially being that same “it” couple.

Still, there are a million other variables that could’ve changed everything if I had actually gone to Alabama. For all we know, I could’ve been a huge flop and lost the position battle to some other recruit. But that’s another story for another day.

The Crimson Tide are taking home another BCS National Championship. But you know what stings most about it?

You’re an Alabama cheerleader living that crazy idea we hatched together five years ago in that little hotel room.


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