About Writing

I’ve often felt that writing is the map to the treasure that mankind has lost a long time ago. Well, the obvious question then, is if we’ll ever find the treasure, and I don’t think that we ever will. I think that’s okay, considering the amount of joy that we take in the journey alone.

But it’s not a map we can find on our own, in an atlas or in a little bottle on the sea. It’s a map we have to create. Writing is a way of tracing that map for ourselves, forging a path that only we have taken, and inviting others to follow suit. So follow along.

I warn you. The journey will not be easy. It will not be as simple as the curve of a “c”, the no-nonsense slash of an “I”, the infinite loop of the “o”. It takes a tremendous amount of trust to adventure with us. You don’t know where you’ll end up. We don’t even know where we’ll end up. But that’s what makes the trek worthwhile.

Don’t think this is an escape from the real. No, we are not interested in helping you run away. At Renegade Ink, we are in the business of enhancing the real, rendering life in the colors no one ever sees, embedded just underneath the surface layer of grey.

So laugh with us. Rage with us. Cry with us. Share with us the whole range of human experience. ‘Cause that’s what writing is for.

Cast Members:

Ghost: The head of the snake, by unanimous consent. If you like thrillers and sexy, sexy wordplay, then he’s the guy for you. Read on as he recounts the demons of his past in benighted cityscapes and sultry bowers, worlds of broken glass and bloodied knuckles. He is often sensed before seen, felt before found, and if you’re not careful, he’ll sink his fangs in and shake you violently to your core…leaving you breathless and wanting more. Gritty machismo awaits; can you handle it?

rdevega: You say “average” like it’s a bad thing. Here’s the voice for the Everyman, a college boy who regales us with what really matters in life: girlfriends, test scores, and fantasy football teams. Every once in a while he’ll give a music review, telling us what’s up-and-coming or just what tickles his (musically-trained) ear. Sure, he could get all wistful and artsy on you, but someone’s gotta bring this ragtag group of writers down-to-earth, don’t you think?

SwelteringRose: Her username sounds like a Harlequin romance novel, and her writing definitely fits that bill. She’s your go-to girl for matters of the heart. With the heartfelt prose attainable only by someone who’s felt love’s pains and pleasures, its pangs and its delights, she obliquely takes a gander at making sense of that universal obsession of humanity: that crazy, messy, life-affirming emotion we call love.

fidgetguru: Life is pretty absurd, when you think about it. And even if you don’t, you definitely will when perusing the compositions of this socially-maladjusted know-it-all quirkster. If you see charm where others see mental illness, then lighten up and laugh at him: Everyone else does. The fidgetguru has spoken!

feistytempest: Her pseudonym couldn’t be more apt. Her story is the story of a life gone off track. So forget your plans for a while and see what it’s like to take a detour, smell the roses, and put on your Kerouac shoes. Share in the experience of grappling with change with a woman who’s had enough of it for a lifetime.

emotionalpyromaniac: Sparks fly with this author, as she explores the heights of passion and the depths of its consequences. With spunk and spirit, she posts her thoughts and experiences on pain, vulnerability, and sexual power: the ties that bind us, and the scars that define us. Can you take the heat?

HoldOnHope:  Our newest voice, who brightly pokes fun at the world and brings us all back to common sense with a clever combination of wit and insight. There’s hurt and there’s sorrow, but this chica’s here to remind us that life – in all its guises – remains beautiful to the last.


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