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The Office Whore

The ember shined brightly from the tip of his freshly lit cigarette. The soothing sensation acted like morphine, calming his nerves.

“I didn’t know you smoked Abe?”

He aimed his lips towards the sky and exhaled the fog resting in his mouth.

“I’m not a regular. I just take one every here and there. It helps relax my nerves.”

His friend Jonathan threw his bud to the ground and doused the remaining flame with his shoe.

“Well I have to cut our date short. Got a little meeting with Antoinette, if ya know what I mean.”

Abe was suddenly left by himself and thought how typical of Jonathan. He was always getting free tail anywhere he went, even at work.  

Jonathan made his way into the building and up the elevator. He exited the elevator and instead of heading to his cubicle, he followed Antoinette’s instructions to a secluded destination. Venturing down a couple of hallways he started to realize that these were the old offices the company had once utilized. He looked around a bit and finally saw her waiting impatiently, twiddling her shoulder length hair. He noticed her top buttons were undone, her legs were radiating under her skirt, and when she started to bite her lips, blood rushed to his midsection.

She finally made eye contact with him and slowly opened the door behind her, smiling. As she walked backwards into the room, she gestured him with her finger to come in. Excitement and nervousness overtook him as he ran down the hallway and into the room. He closed the door behind him as his lips frantically met hers. She reached down for his buckle and quickly removed his pants. After finishing with him she moved to her own waist as she dropped her skirt to the ground.

Their breathing intensified as Jonathan picked her up and braced her back towards the wall. She wrapped her legs around him as he pummeled her deeper and deeper into the wall. With her arms around his neck she screamed for more, she wanted to be satisfied immensely. Sweat leaked from their foreheads as their body heat intensified. They were peaking together.

After their rigorous workout Jonathan and Antoinette clothed themselves. Antoinette grabbed both of Jonathan’s shoulders.

“I have one more surprise for you.”

Jonathan sounded even more curious and excited, “Oh really! What’s that?”

“You have to close your eyes first.”


He stood there with his eyes closed, but he could only hear faint sounds, like knuckles were being cracked. But then a putrid waft entered his nose, it smelled as if someone vomited rancid milk. He raised his hand to cover his nose. His curiosity had become concern as he decided to open his eyes. His heart dropped and his body froze. The scintillating woman was no more but a beast with the fangs of a spider stood before him. From Antoinette’s mouth emerged pincers keen on devouring his face. He screamed for help but his mouth became muffled by an abundant amount of silk.


Abe looked down at his watch and realized his brief escape from work was over.  He headed back through the lobby and into the elevator.  How he dreaded the moment the elevator stopped on his floor. Upon every exit he would look through the glass doors, and see his co-workers scurrying like mice in a maze. Their lives seemed irrelevant as they huddled into their cubicles answering ridiculous technical service questions. But it was his job and it paid the bills for now.

Before he sat down, he noticed his neighbor was missing. Rummaging through the faces around the room, he tried to match one to Jonathan’s. There was no sign of Jonathan.

Marie sat on the opposite end of Jonathan, but Abe wished she was closer to him. He had always had a crush on her, but didn’t want to mix business with pleasure. She was also a feisty firecracker who despised having to sit next to a womanizer such as Jonathan.

“Hey Marie. Have you seen Jonathan?”

Her silky brunette hair swayed in the air as her black framed glasses turned to meet his eyes.

“I haven’t seen that pig all day.”

He chuckled, “How can you not have seen him when he sits right next to you?”

“My eyes get teary from the fumes in the pig’s sty.”

He shook his head, “Ok thanks Marie.”

Leaving Marie behind, he searched for the one person who would had to know where Jonathan was. She had just walked through the doors, but her expression only displayed rage. Before he could get a word out she was already raising her voice.

“Where is your friend Jonathan?”

Abe became just as confused as the look on Antoinette’s face.

“What do you mean? I thought..,” he felt a bit awkward finishing his sentence.

“Yeah he was supposed to meet me so what, but where the hell is the bastard?”

Abe scratched his head and spotted James.  He’s the man in the office known as CNN because of his uncanny ability to make everyone else’s business his own.

“Antoinette give me one second, maybe James can help us out.”

She proceeded to her desk while Abe went on to question James about Jonathan.

“James, would you know where Jonathan is?”

“Why? What do I look like CNN?”

Abe held his laughter back because his friend’s safety was more important.

“No James, you just carry a lot of information.”

James paused for a second while he gathered a conclusion.

“Did you see if he was sent out on a field call?”

“No he can’t be all of this stuff is still here.”

“Hmmmm…” James pondered some more and then a light bulb went off.

“Ah there is a meeting today with a select few about a new office in downtown San Francisco. And we all know how much Jonny boy wanted to move there, so maybe he’s in the meeting.”

Abe started to ponder the idea a bit more and it made a good amount of sense.

“Thanks James.”

Relief fell over Abe as he made his way back to his desk. At least his friend was going to move up in the world. Downtown San Francisco is the place to be for small town boys like Jonathan and himself. His headset went off disturbing him from his daydream, duty calls.


Today Abe was experiencing a heavy workload as multiple callers required assistance. It was all because of the defects on the new LCD TV his company manufactured. Call after call came in about the same malfunction. It got to the point where Abe didn’t need the manual anymore; he could assist his clients from memory.

Time flew by and before he looked up everyone was on their way home. The sun was almost set outside as his watched flashed 6:30. He got up from his chair, extended his arms and stretched his muscles out.

As his gaze fell he saw Jonathan’s chair was empty but his belongings were intact. He also saw Marie closing up her station; he was more surprised to find Marie working at this hour.

“Marie, what are you doing here?”

She looked startled, “Abe??? What are you doing here?”

“Working late, those stupid defects on the TVs.”

“Yeah same problem.”

His attention drew back to the bodiless chair in Jonathan’s cubicle.

“Did Jon come back?”

“Like I said before I haven’t seen that scumbag.”

“Something’s wrong Marie, very wrong. Come with me. Hurry.”

They ran towards the executive offices in the back of the building. The only light came from the dimly lit emergency track lights. There were only vacant offices after vacant offices, until they finally found one with a light emitting from the crevices. Abe’s heart raced as he heard a loud clank coming from inside. He quickly braced himself and Marie against the wall. Suddenly the door creaked opened. Out came the dark outline of a man, causing the trio to shriek at the sudden sight of each other.

The man fell to the floor as his cart slammed into the opposing wall. Abe and Marie let out a sigh of relief to uncover that it was only the janitor. The janitor breathed heavily as he sat upright.

“You kids scared the shit outta me.”

“We’re sorry Carl. We were looking for my friend and then there was you making all that noise in there.”

“Well obviously. I have to clean up the place.”

Abe extended his hand and pulled the night janitor to his feet.

“You haven’t by chance seen my friend have you?”

“What’s he look like?”

“Taller than me, ruffled browned hair, dimple on his left cheek.”

The janitor scratched his head for a bit as he searched his memories for any encounters with such a character.

“Oh yeah earlier this afternoon. I saw him heading towards the old offices. I guess he went to meet that blonde bombshell because I saw her heading that direction a few minutes earlier.”

Abe looked at Marie. “Antoinette!”

“Thanks, can I borrow your flashlight Carl.”

Abe took the flashlight from Carl and headed off to the other side with Marie in hand. They ran down the dimly lit hallways until the abandoned office spaces came to view. They slowed down their pace in order to catch their breath and to investigate which room Jonathan could be in. To the left of Abe were long forgotten cubicles and along the walls surrounding the cubicles were the older executive offices.

He looked over to Marie, still out of breath.

“He has to be in one of these rooms.”

Together they opened door after door to locate Jonathan, until they opened the wrong door. Marie gasped as she saw what lay ahead of them, while Abe’s forehead furrowed with mystery.  They both wanted to know what was going on.

Ahead of them, a desk was replaced with two odd shaped objects. It appeared as if something or someone was cocooned. Abe moved closer and saw the coating on the outside was waxy, yet sticky, like a heavily woven spider web. What the hell was going on he thought to himself. Suddenly the door behind him slammed shut. He turned around to find Marie at the entrance.

Her expression had changed; she wasn’t afraid anymore, but eerily placid. A smile stretched across her face. Underneath her bangs he could see her devilish gaze fixated upon him.


“Sorry Abe.”

Abe’s mind was fumbling over what could possibly be occurring.

“What’s going on here Marie?”

“I really like you Abe, but it seems you’re concern for your friend has led you to find out my secret.”

 “What secret?”

Her mouth widened and the pincers gradually exited. He could see a slime covering the grotesque growth emitting from her mouth. His gut wrenched and his brain malfunctioned. What on God’s earth was this monstrosity?

Marie dived across the room to grapple Abe’s body. Fortunately for Abe, as he stepped backward he tripped over the cocoons.  Still on the floor he heard something slither out of his pocket. As he sat upright he could see a metallic blue plastic case shimmering. How grateful he was for being a smoker. He wasn’t sure if bugs were afraid of fire but he knew one thing, they sure as hell burned easily. He turned to the left and saw Marie stalking him as she clung to the wall on all fours. He needed something that would burn fast and a way to keep Marie distracted.

“So you put Jonathan in one of these cocoons hunh?”

Marie decided to amuse her prey with her achievement.

“Yes your buddy was actually an easy catch.”

From the corner of his eye he saw a sheet used to cover a tall bookcase. Perfect he thought. He rose to his feet, but concealed the lighter in his palm. He adjusted his body closer to the sheet so that he was in range to spark a fire.

“But Jonathan never did anything to you. Why would you do this to him?”

Her pincers crawled into their hole as her mouth became normal again.

“Guys like him make good meals. Strong, full of testosterone, and a lot of people wouldn’t mind if he went missing.”

Abe slightly hid his right arm behind him and began his task.

“But Carl said Antoinette was also heading this way, so it couldn’t have been you?”

A smirk appeared on her face.

“Among other things Abe darling I can shapeshift.”

The brunette clinging to the wall instantly became the blonde vixen all of the men in the office craved.

Abe’s mouth dropped as became shell-shocked.

“So it was you!! But….but….whose in the other cocoon?”

“The dumb blonde herself. I couldn’t leave any loose ends hanging around, so Jonathan had to make another appearance. He lured her here himself.”

Abe was dumbfounded at the mere witchcraft happening before his eyes.  But he was brought back to reality when he felt the intense heat forming behind him.

“Well sorry, but I’m not in the mood to be someone’s snack.”

He threw the sheet as it burst into flames onto Marie. She was too late to react as she became entangled by the flaming fabric. She fell to the floor, tumbling and struggling to escape her burning casket. Figuring this wasn’t enough he reached behind the tall book case and toppled it onto Marie’s position. There was a loud crash as it collided with the ghastly creature. Marie’s blood oozed from her body as Abe watched in relief.

He spliced open both cocoons to revive Antoinette and Jonathan. How relieved they were to see a familiar face.

Blown Assignment

Breathing heavily Domino hid behind the island in his kitchen. Utensils were thrown around with the food from the refrigerator; it was like a giant salad, only with the essentials of kitchen life. The brand new ceiling lights he installed were of no use now as they just flickered on and off. He admired his kitchen and wanted to count the bullet holes around the room, but decided it was safer to keep his head down. His refrigerator was lying on its belly, while his appliances were playing dead across the floor. Playing dead at the moment seemed like a good idea. Maybe pretend to get shot and just lay flat, maybe that would get Astor’s men off his back. He chuckled at the idea, because he knew why Astor’s men were here tonight, they wanted his blood.

Sweat was dripping from his head and the adrenaline was making him antsy. It was nothing new to him, the rush was what made him good at what he did – assassinations. He recollected his thoughts quickly, for he knew it was only a matter of time before the remaining henchmen would track him to his own kitchen. He knew that they would eventually stop following the false trail he set for them.

He began to recall his thoughts from the day that turned him into Astor’s nemesis. It wasn’t always this way. He worked for Astor; anyone that was in the way of progress, Domino was the man to take them out. Domino was the perfect assailant – quick entry and exit, leave no signs of the involved parties, and erase the trace.

There was a Don moving in on Astor’s territory, and he was covering a lot of ground fast. So Astor gave Domino the heads upon his new target, but this time it wasn’t going to be easy. It was actually a pretty simple kill, but the target itself was simply too hard to endure. It was the new don’s eight year-old daughter. This went against all the morals of Domino. There was no honor in killing a child. Domino thought to himself, why not head straight for the new don, but Astor was a man that enjoyed sending a thorough message.

Domino didn’t want to shoot an innocent girl, but he had no choice. There would be two escorts with him on this mission; Astor wanted proof the job was done. The pressure mounted on Domino, because there was no way he was going to shoot a little girl, but how was he going to escape soundly. He kept his cool and waited at the drop zone, a house across the street from the girl’s school. Domino and his escorts waited in a room with the perfect view to assassinate the little girl. It was another half hour before the children would be released, and if Domino wanted to make a move it had to be now. He motioned to the escorts that he was going to use the bathroom. He went into the bathroom and unveiled a small stun grenade. He then proceeded back toward the room where his escorts awaited his arrival. Quickly he opened the door, threw the grenade, and closed the door shut with him on the outside. There was a loud burst and inside the two men were dazed and blinded. Domino opened the door and pulled out his M9 with a silencer attachment. With two shots emerging from the barrel the two men lay motionless on the ground. The school bell rang and Domino was making his exit from the building.

Jumping back to his reality, his body ached from the on-going tirade between Astor and himself. Astor’s men have hunted him all across the state and now finally to his home, the one place he thought was concealed from Astor’s knowledge. The front door creaked opened and he knew they had arrived.

“It took them long enough.” he thought to himself. He wasn’t nervous or scared, he was just focused. Make the shot count, if not to kill at least to wound or disarm. The footsteps neared the kitchen area and from a stainless steel toaster on the floor he could count the remaining adversaries he had to deal with. The footsteps inched closer and closer, but he was grateful to have such a huge island in the middle of his kitchen with a big cupboard. It was big enough to hide a person, which was exactly what he planned to do next. In the toaster he saw the six men split into two teams the flank him from both sides. Before they got the jump on him, he quickly aimed his silenced pistol towards the lights and fired.

Darkness surrounded the goons as they felt their way around the kitchen for stability. Domino meanwhile exited the other end of the island and eased his way into the living room.  The goons were still trying to find a break from the darkness and began to punch at each other. They became responsive to any sense of touch, leading to them punching each other and apologizing afterwards.

Domino turned the lights on in the living room and crouched by the wall separating the kitchen and living room. There were two exits from the kitchen into the living room and in between the exits was an eight foot wall. A wall in which Domino made himself comfortable between his two antique wooden miniature tables. He knew the light would trigger the goons’ exit of the kitchen; it was like leading flies to their death with the glowing blue light lamp. He waited patiently and then the footsteps moved cautiously into the living room. The goons moved slowly to locate Domino, and to avoid any deadly surprises.

One by one they exited and Domino counted the heads, six in total. He eased his M9’s out of their holsters and inched slowly out of his hiding spot. He stood up and took aim. Like a car igniting nitrous oxide, the bullets reeled from his weapons hitting their targets. Thumping to the floor, all six men stared at each other unable to blink any longer. Finally a sigh of relief came from Domino. At least tonight he could spare some sleep before relocating again in the morning.

Short – “The Cardboard Box”

A rampant fire danced within the confines of the fire place. It cackled lightly as it consumed pieces of firewood. Above the hearth Benjamin Franklin, trapped in his frame, squinted at Harrison. The lumens from the fire, casted an auburn tint over his clothed body. The light provoked a sheen over his freshly shaved cheeks. His gray hair shimmered in the dimly lit room. From his pipe minute puffs of smoke elevated until they magically dissipated.

He looked around to revel in his wealth. On his walls he traced the numerous busts of animals, non of which he killed. They were ornaments from the previous owner of his manor. He continued to admire his furniture. His chairs contained hunter green cushioning and were framed with Brazilian Rosewood.

His eyes fell to the red velvet rug beneath his feet. A smile surfaced on his face. The cardboard box in front of him pleased his emotions. Along the sides the words “this side up” with an arrow were printed. The joints of the box were tattered and torn. Abused and maligned tape were still weaved around the injured portions of the box.

He thought to himself, that here he was, an incredibly wealthy man, but a simple cardboard box could easily make him smile. It reminded him of his past, the days of when he had to scrap for a meal in garbage cans or beg for spare change on the streets. And his shelter during that period was none other than the box resting on his rug.

He could remember the day vividly. It was almost a year ago that he was huddled below and overpass. It was a very convenient spot for him because across the street contained five of the major fast food brands; McDonald’s, Burger King, Papa John’s, Subway, and Wendy’s. Whenever he salvaged any money, he felt normal because he still had the ability to choose what he wanted to eat.

If he wanted veg he could have Papa John’s, if he wanted fatty food he could order a burger, and those days he felt concerned about his health he could have Subway. He knew his situation was dire, but finding the positive in life helped him survive.

The stoplight turned red and another herd of vehicles waited for it to change green. Harrion picked up his sign and trudged from car to car. He wasn’t picky, but any little could help. He knew there would be a bias towards him, just like there is with any homeless citizen. But instead of dwelling on the negative, he smiled and thanked each person he met. He thanked them for recognizing his existence.

he arrived at another vehicle and asked the gentleman inside for spare change. The man inside replied with a five dollar bill. harrison was taken aback.

“That’s a lot of money sir. I only asked for spare change.” Harrison explained.

The stranger looked at hime and smiled.

“I can tell you have a good heart and the fact that you refuse to take so much from a stranger despite your situation proves my theory. Take the money and buy a meal. God knows how long you have starved.”

Harrison’e eyes began to well up as he accepted the money. With his hands clasped, Harrison continued to thank the friendly stranger repeatedly.

The stoplight turned green and his savior accelerated away. Harrison opened his eyes but sulked in sadness. He never got the man’s name. He decided to abandon his post for a lunch break and headed to Wendy’s. but on his way he noticed an advertisement for the lottery in the window of a convenience store. Apparently the jackpot was up to $245 million. The cogs inside his head began to work and he concluded that it wouldnt hurt to take a risk. He went insdie and used two dollars for his endeavor and the rest to buy a sandwich with fries at Wendy’s.

He went back to his carboard box and ate the first meal he had tasted in a month. He savored every sensation as it melted in his mouth. He pulled out the lotto ticket from his hoodie pocket and looked at it. A tiny smirk escaped his lips. It was ludicrous to him how people waste so much money on a dream, but he suddenly realized that he just did what he mockeed everyone for doing. He knew he wouldn’t win, but his only concern was where his next meal would come from. He tucked the ticket into his pocket and went back to his post.

Thursday and Friday passed by and Saturday morning was upon him. He checked his pockets for any money and felt the ticket paved against the wool. He had completely forgotten about his little gambling risk. The drawings were last night, but had no way to find out the winning numbers. So the only plausible thing to do was to go back to the convenience store.

Inside he handed to clerk his ticket. After scanning the ticket on the machine bells were ringing and howling as the tiny LCD displayed jackpot winner. The clerk was aghast and Harrison stood in disbelief as everything around him seemed like an alternate reality. The impossible had happened. He was now the owner of $245 million.

Harrison rose from his plush armchair and sat in the fetal position within his box. He looked up at Benjamin Franklin and smiled.

“You and I have a lot in common Mr. Franklin.”

The painting remained smirking.

“We’ve both gone from rags to riches, old chap.”