What is Renegade Ink?

Renegade Ink is a concept that we have created to represent who we are as artists. From writing to photography, from singing to poetry, from the highs to the lows, Renegade Ink is a representation of the human condition from a broad collection of authors. Our main goal is simple – to remind the world what it is to be human, whether that be through our writings of the pains that we have had to go through, from stories full of mystery and seduction, from photographs that capture the world’s beauty in all it’s glory, to the reminders of just how amazing life can be, should you pause and take it all in. And in the end, we ask only that you do one thing – remember what it was to be young and full of life again, remember what it was like when lying didn’t exist and the only evil thing that existed was the fictional monsters that you made. And then, work towards getting the world back to that place. Be inspired, this is all we ask. This is more than just a blog, this is an idea.

This, is Renegade Ink.

– Ghost.


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